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13 Creative Travel Logo Design Ideas to Get Inspired From 

13 Creative Travel Logo Design Ideas to Get Inspired From 

Travel companies, often, lay a lot of emphasis on their business logo design since their business depends on it.  

The company’s travel logo design influences a customer’s decision to choose them for their journey.  

A logo speaks volumes of a company’s service standard and leisure that it can provide onboard.  

So, if you want to get some serious business for your travel company, you need to modify your logo a bit.  

But, do you have any logo ideas in mind?  

Well, even if you don’t, there is no need to worry because we are going over the 13 best creative logo design ideas for your travel business. 

13 creative travel logo design ideas to get inspired by  

1.Use famous landmark visuals

Landmarks are easy to relate to. When you add a landmark as a visual, the customer gets an idea about your services.  

Figures like the structures of the 7 wonders of the world or UNESCO heritage sites, etc.  are good additions to your logo design if you want to add a landmark. You can add their outlines, at least, to add value to your logo design. 

2.Use a jeep in your logo

A travel business logoshould represent symbols of movement and adventure.  

A jeep is a good addition because it shows that your customers will get a thrilling adventure on board with your travel company. 

3.Add a carnival tent to your logo 

People like to party a lot. To attract them, you can show a bright-colored carnival tent that promises a festive atmosphere. 

A carnival tent also means that people will get unique things to see during their journey. 

4.Add a glimpse of a luxurious hotel

In order to create a custom logo design for the travel industry, one can add a glimpse of luxury and leisure. A hotel fits the bill perfectly here.  

Customers will get an idea about the hospitality that they will receive from the company’s side. 

5.Add nature to your logo 

If your travel services are more inclined towards natural sightseeing, we recommend adding some trees and flowers.  

It will let customers know that they will see a lot of natural beauty alongside the adventure. 

6.Add a hot air balloon design

If you are looking for a minimalistic logo idea for a travel company, then a hot air balloon can be a great addition.  

Through a hot air balloon, a customer gets a feel of flying high in the sky and explore the world.

7.Add a sea image as a logo background 

To spiritual travelers, the sea is a symbol of openness, peace, and tranquility, while on the other hand, it is also useful to depict the options for swimming and surfing for adventurers.  

A sea icon can help you attract both types of customers as it holds different meanings for different people. 

8.Use a dream city as your logo 

If you conduct tours to monuments and cities then, a beautiful city as your logo would be a great addition.  

You can add a simple outline of a city and fill it with attractive colors to give it a dreamy look. 

9.Integrate the logo into the company name  

If you want your company name to be the primary highlight of your logo then, you can integrate the logo in between its alphabets.  

Find an alphabet in your company name that you can replace with some graphics. 

For example, you can replace the alphabet “A” with a carnival tent as “A” looks similar to a carnival tent. 

10.Add a map to your logo 

Maps give an impression of where a person is about to go. You can use an outline of an area’s map on your tour list to provide a glimpse of travel to the customer. 

Use appropriate colors to show the map logo clearly. 

11.Add roads to give a travel feel 

Roads are an epicenter of all journeys. People spend most of their time on the roads during a trip, which is why roads have a crucial impact on their minds.  

A beautiful road with a sunset ahead makes a perfect logo impression. 

12.The good old-fashioned mountain logo  

Mountains and travel logos seem synonymous. Most of the travel agencies have a mountain logo.  

Although, you can play around with colors a bit if you want to integrate mountains in your logo. Add some touch of greenery or snow to buff the look. 

13.Add a backpack

A backpack is a common thing among all types of travelers. You can add a colorful image, background, or drawing of a backpack in your logo.


To conclude 

A good travel logo designis one that holds meaning in the minds of travelers. It should symbolize adventure, joy, and happiness. 

We recommend that you choose a logo that sums up your tours well. 

If your tours pivot around sightseeing then, add a city or hotel; on the other hand, if you conduct adventure tours then, an ocean, beach, or a carnival would do best.  

So, choose wisely.