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15 Professional Tips for T-Shirt Designs You Need to Read Today  

15 Professional Tips for T-Shirt Designs You Need to Read Today  

Are you struggling to find unique T-shirt designs for your business? If yes, then this article is for you.  

Today we will share the best tips for t-shirt designsthat will help you design your own t-shirts that your customers are looking for.  


1.Take your time 

Creativity takes time to unleash. Don't rush yourself into creating a design. Relax and explore your design theme.  

You can take t-shirt design inspiration from things and people around you. Wait for ideas to hit your head.

2.Keep the designers engaged  

You have to make sure that your designers are working in tandem with your t-shirt design ideas. 

Keep taking their inputs and conduct brainstorming sessions with them. They should understand you and your ambitions clearly. 

3.Identify your prospects

You must know whom you are targeting. A teenage t-shirt design will be different than that of an adult.  

You must find out who your prospects are? What do they prefer to wear? What communities do they belong to? 

Proceed only after getting all the answers.

4.Keep track of your budget and quantity

You must allocate your budget in contention with your design. If it is a high-end design, ensure that you have an adequate supply of money to produce more pieces.  

Also, keep track of the quantity that you are producing. Do not overstretch or underproduce. 

t-shirt designs ideas

5.Decide the t-shirt type

Before selecting the custom t-shirt design, decide which type of t-shirt you are looking to design.  

T-shirt type can be Henley, Polo, Round Neck, V neck, half sleeve, or full sleeve; you need to decide whether any of these types fit the design you are looking to create or not.

6.Choose an appropriate fabric 

Fabric type decides how a design will look after printing. Not all fabrics support graphics.  

Polyester is suitable for sublimation printing, while cotton is good for screen printing. Choose the appropriate fabric that can carry your design well, even after many washes. 

7.Choose the right size 

It is one of the essentialt-shirt design tipsthat you will come across. The size of your design matters the most because t-shirts tend to shrink after washes.  

Avoid using small size designs as they look like dots on a baggy t-shirt after washes; use bigger designs instead. 

8.Choose the right color combination 

Color psychology makes all the difference in a purchase. Teenagers are attracted to bright colors while the adults are more into solid colors. 

Make sure you are adding the right color combination for your target audience.  

t-shirt designs ideas

9.Place the design strategically  

Placement of your logo and design mostly impacts the minds of your target audience. It would be best if you find the appropriate place that makes wearers look cool.  

Also, keep the size of the t-shirt in mind so that the design does not get compromised by small or big size. 

10.Choose the right font 

Your target audience should understand the design text. Make sure that its font is clear to understand and does not overlap with visual effects.

11.Text should make sense

People must understand the sense behind the design. Your text should complement the visual effects and should make sense to the wearers.  

Nike's “Just Do It” is an excellent example of making sense through design. They want their design to inspire people to get up and exercise.  

You must make sure that people get inspired by your design too. 

12.Choose the right printing option 

There are plenty of printing options available to you, such as Dye sublimation, Heat press printing, Direct-to-garment, and Screen printing, etc.  

Depending on your fabric, you can choose any of these techniques to create custom t-shirt designs. 

 t-shirt designs ideas

13.Make sure your designers are ready 

We are not asking you to doubt your designers' capabilities, but it would be best if you could ask all of them whether they can design the way you want or not.  

There are plenty of good designers who can do the task for you, just in case your designers do not fit the bill.  

14.Get it printed 

Find an appropriate printer and get it printed. If you have an in-house printing team then, you can guide them through. 

But if you are getting it printed from somewhere else, make sure they follow the strict guidelines. Prepare a guidelines chart in advance and give it to them to avoid confusion.

15.Evaluation time 

Congratulations on your new custom t-shirt designbut, your work is not finished until you complete the overall design evaluation.  

Check your budget, cost, quantity, miscellaneous expenses, and the time taken to finish the job. It will help you figure out your productivity level. 

To conclude 

We hope these tips for t-shirt designswill help you with your future design projects.  

By keeping everything strategically organized from top to bottom, you can create unique t-shirt designs that your target audience cannot resist buying.