30 Research-Backed Tips to Improve Your Website Design

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A business website design holds a lot of importance, especially, for small business owners who are looking to build a brand name.

In the last few years, the parameters to establish the credibility of a brand have shifted a lot on the aesthetics; be it through social media, mobile apps, or a full-fledged website.

So, if you are looking to make a unique brand identity for your business, you need to start with the UI/UX design of your website.

We have compiled a list of 30 extensively researched tips that can help improve your website design and eventually escalate your business ROI. 

1.Use large and unique fonts to communicate a clear message.

2.Add videos in the website background to engage users for longer periods on your website.

3.Use a responsive hero image at the top section of your webpage.

4.Important CTAs must be placed higher in the visual hierarchy (Not necessarily higher in the page design).

5.You can use bold colors and typography to get the audiences’ attention on important CTAs.

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6.Use a clear and descriptive headline in the top section of the homepage.

7.Add relevant and detailed subheads to go along with the headings for a better understanding of what you want to convey to the users.

8.Make sure you have a detailed FAQ page in the footer to help the users find answers to their queries.

9.Talking about finding answers, it is essential to provide a search bar at the top of your website’s homepage.

10.Add a comprehensive blog page to your website (if you don’t have it already).

11.Put a lag of at least 2 minutes before a promotional banner pops-up on the page.

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12.Use social media sharing options throughout your blogs to improve content outreach.

13.However, avoid using social sharing icons in the header of your website design; at all costs.

14.Make sure your website is responsive in nature in order to attract a larger audience base.

15.Provide all means of contact information for the users to get in touch with your support team.

16.Work on the placement of your business logo design in a manner that it shows on every page that users open on your website.

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17.Use reviews and testimonials from happy customers in carousel form on the homepage.

18.Keep all the important information open for the website visitors to see. Let them scroll through. Avoid using accordions.

19.However, it is always a good practice to break your content into short paragraphs of not more than 3 lines. This would make even long content readable.

20.Try and use images that have real peoples’ faces rather than illustrations or cartoons (unless, of course, it’s a website design for kids).

21.In continuation from the last point, it is essential to avoid using stock images (at least not everywhere).

22.Use enough whitespace throughout your website design. This will help your website visitors to comprehend the content easily.

website design ideas

23.Use bold colors and fonts to navigate users to the conversion step.

24.Use inter-linking of pages extensively not only for effective SEO application but, also for holistic user navigation throughout the website. Your blogs are great tools to execute this action.

25.Avoid using heavy multi-media options in your website design. It is highly advised to optimize your animations, GIFs, or video to avoid low page load speed.

26.Provide the option of case studies in the menu section for the website visitors to go through. This will help establish credibility; stronger than any review or testimonial.

website design ideas

27.Keep the sign-up form short and simple in order to improve the conversion rate. Keep it to name and email ID only.

28.Keep updating your website content and blog content to keep up with the latest trends and activities related to your specific industry.

29.Avoid using heavy jargons or ambiguous terms that might confuse the readers and make it difficult for them to understand.

30.Include a separate team page on your website to strengthen the brand’s credibility in the eyes of potential customers. 

To conclude…

So, these were some of the best website design tips and ideas that you can use to create a high-performing website for your own business.

However, considering how crucial a website is for any business, it is always recommended to outsource graphic design services; especially for small and new businesses.

You don’t really want to put the wrong foot forward first. So, it is better to go for on-demand graphic design services, wherein you can have professional designers handle your website design; and other graphic design projects.

To speak to our design experts and consult for your new website design, simply get in touch at support@graphicszoo.com