38 Creative Facebook Cover Design Examples To Follow in 2021

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Facebook is inarguably the top social networking platform that has now transformed into a substantially effective channel for brands to reach their target audience.

Since its inception in 2004, this social media giant has witnessed several UI/UX updates. However, if there’s one feature that has remained intact from the beginning, it is the cover design feature; remained front and center.

To go by the idiom, “An image speaks a thousand words”, a Facebook cover design indeed is verbose.

It’s your brand’s story in a visual format. It must tell something about you or your brand. Perhaps you want to showcase your product or flaunt your personality. Maybe you want to inspire action or evoke emotion.

Your Facebook page cover image is a small but powerful tool when it comes to promoting yourself, your services or your business. It’s the first thing seen by anybody who visits your Facebook page and you have the power to decide whether they just scroll past it or stop and have a proper look.

Therefore, working on your Facebook cover design is a very crucial part of your online marketing plan, especially, when using social media marketing for branding your products and services.

Therefore, in this article, we give you a compilation of 38 such Facebook Cover Images that will give you some serious design goals.

Take a look!

1. Sandra Dieckman


2. Creators Project


3. D&AD

Facebook cover design examples


4. Slingshot


5. 1-800 Flowers

Facebook cover design examples


6. Calico House


7. Chewy


8. The Good Twin

Facebook cover design examples


9. J Crew


10. Square Space


11. Southbank Center


12. Natalie Foss Illustrations


13. Kiwi Co

Facebook cover design examples


14. Old Spice


15. Branding Mag


16. Wild Rumpus Books


17. Mt. Masking Tapes


18. In a Pickle Restaurant

Facebook cover design examples


19. Nutella


20. Sugaree’s Bakery


21. The Tea Spot


22. AdFreak


23. Offscreen Mag


24. Tanya Shatseva

Facebook cover design examples


25. Salesforce


26. Sprinklr


27. ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)


28. Aishti


29. Brit+Co.


30. The Cleaver Quarterly Mag


31. Seaside Spirit


32. Mashable

Facebook cover design examples


33. Livestrong


34. KLM


35. Folk WellnessCo.


36. Splintered Studios

Facebook cover design examples


37. Speech Gear


38. Guy Kawasaki


To conclude…

So these were some really inspirational Facebook Cover design examples to follow.

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