4 Things We Need From You Before We Can Design Your Website

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Graphic Designing is not a one-way street. It requires effort and communication from both the client and the designer to create a beautiful end result. At Graphic Zoo, we appreciate having clients come to us for their digital design needs but even more so when they work hand-in-hand with us. This is because we don’t just want to deliver the best – we want to deliver what’s best for YOU.

Collaboration is the right word for this kind of working relationship. And most successful endeavors are byproducts of such union. So, before we can come up with the perfect design for your website, logo, or any other graphic you need to be done, we need you to tell us the following things.

We need to know your purpose

What is this business going to be about?

What do you hope to achieve with this endeavor?

This is not us being nosy; this is us trying to get and analyze things from your point of view. This way we’ll be able to make a design that is custom-fit to your business. Sharing with us how you want your business to turn out and how you plan to grow it is very important for us to figure out which direction we are going to take.

We need you to introduce us to your target audience

In any kind of relationship, proper introductions are a must. Even we, at Graphic Zoo, need to get to know who we will be designing the website for. After all, we are aiming to create a web layout mesmerizing enough to keep the traffic going.

The age, gender, and roles of your target audience are important information we cannot miss. If we are to design a website for a women’s magazine, we’d use flashier colors like reds and oranges. If it turns out to be a girls’ magazine (teens), we’d soften it up to soft hues of pink and purple. The possibilities are endless! Not just with colors but with other attributes of design as well. The most important prerequisite is that we know the demographics.

We need you to take us inside your imagination

Not literally, of course. But coming to us and asking for our assistance means that you have some sort of image for the business going on in your mind – it’s just not concrete yet. We need you to give us a glimpse of the bigger picture or how you want your business to be represented in graphic form.

Let your visions run rampant. Go wild with your imagination. Whenever an idea comes to mind, always speak out. We really believe its best that the designs we make are strongly influenced by what our clients want. After all, this is your business’s identity we are trying to establish. Just think of it as you being the head and us as your working hands.

We need your feedback and suggestions

Timely feedback and constructive criticism build the foundation for our work. We always update clients on how the projects are progressing and we really appreciate it when we hear from them in return. Although we are a team of professionals, we can’t always please everyone with our outputs. What fits one does not fit all. This is why we welcome all kinds of feedback may it be good or bad. Allowing so brings us closer to your ideal design and gives us the advantage of revising our work earlier in the process. So whenever you think something is off, don’t hesitate, contact us!