40 Twitter Ad Design Examples to Get Inspiration From

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by Graphicszoo 10 days ago 5 mins read

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Ever since its inception, back in 2006, Twitter has grown into one of the most popular social networking websites. Today, it clocks around 330 million monthly active users sending out over 500 million tweets every single day; that’s 6000 tweets per second.

Over the years, Twitter has turned into a highly influential platform that not only resonates with the current affairs and happenings around the world but, also dominates and molds public opinions.

twitter ad design examples

This massive public impact clubbed together with such a high number of tweets getting published every day shows why brands need to be at their best when targeting ads on Twitter.

If you are trying to get your target audience to care about what you’re promoting, you will need to put in the effort to stand out from the crowd.

So, today, in this article we are sharing with you 40 of the most effective Twitter ad design examples that you can take as reference for your own brand’s Twitter ad designs.

1. M.L. Spencer

twitter ad design examples


2. Progressive


3. Original Grain


4. Periscope Data


5. Mashable


6. MailChimp


7. Louis Vuitton


8. JackDaniel’s

twitter ad design examples


9. Ideapod


10. Indochino


11. IBM Watson Analytics


12. Hubspot Academy


13. Fiverr


14. Google Cloud Platform


15. Finish Line


16. Essence Magazine

twitter ad design examples


17. Dotmailer


18. Bigstock


19. Banggood


20. SPG


21. About Auto Insurance


22. Zipcar


23. Verizon

twitter ad design examples


24. WordStream


25. Undeveloped


26. Verge Transportation


27. Visit Santa Clara


28. Spredfast


29. Twenty20


30. Thistle


31. Treasure Data Inc.


32. GigRove


33. Treehouse


34. Bombfell


35. Topman

twitter ad design examples


36. Coca Cola


37. Surface Hotels


38. Super Image Market


39. Spotify


40. Shomi

To conclude…

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