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5 Different Options for Social Media Ads That You Should Consider in 2017

5 Different Options for Social Media Ads That You Should Consider in 2017

Social media use is on the rise in the 21st century with an average person spending more than six hours daily on different platforms. With that kind of following, social media has become the perfect place to market your brand and develop relationships with potential clients. Statistics collected in 2015 show that social media commerce generated $30 billion in revenue in the United States. The figures show that social media ads are becoming one of the trending activities in the advertising industry. It allows you to find customers based on demographic information they share online making it easier for you to target your ads appropriately.

Getting the right social media platform for your advertising may be a daunting task especially with many channels to choose from. Therefore, it would be ideal to have the necessary knowledge that will assist you in the choice of the best network for your target audience. You may consider looking at a few factors such as the popularity of the platform, the features, and the kind of audience that a network attracts. After that, you can choose the ideal social media platform to place your advertisement. Some of the social media channels that you should invest your advertising in include:

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media site with more than 2 billion users hence holding the potential of reaching over a quarter of the world’s population. It is the perfect place for lead generation, although you can also use it to raise awareness about your brand, direct traffic to your website, or increase the likes on your page. Facebook has numerous ad types, but the dominant ones include right-hand rail ads, link ads, and multi-product ads. You can quickly locate your target customers through demographics such as job descriptions, location, and interests. There are several ways to use Facebook for advertisement including banner ads, creating a Facebook page, and use of sponsored links.

  1. Twitter

The social media platform consists of 328 million monthly users who send over 500 million tweets every day. Therefore, you should not ignore the channel if you are looking to gain success in social media advertising.  Twitter provides three ad categories to choose from namely Promoted Trends, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Tweets. It is important to know the objectives of your advertisements before selecting a suitable format, (also called Twitter Cards). You can then combine all this to create an ad based on gender, devices, keywords, language, and postal codes among other things.

  1. Instagram

This social media site shares many advertising features with Facebook. It is advisable to liaise with your graphic designer for visually appealing images and videos if you intend to use Instagram for social media advertising. The photo-based site is ideal for youngsters and millennials aged 18-29 years. Instagram is the platform for you if your company comprises of visually appealing items since it allows direct engagement with your products and customers. Instagram ads come in three formats including photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads, which allows you to display multiple images.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to promote their business to professional and corporate audiences. The platform consists of over 8 million company pages, but it limits you to 30,000 company uploads. You can enjoy different ad formats including text only, a video, or a combination of text and image. The LinkedIn ads appear on the user’s home feed depending on one’s seniority level, company size, and job title.

  1. YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising brings us closer to traditional television advertising. You can post a video on your platform without incurring any costs or buy advertising space from the videos uploaded on the site. In this case, the cost depends on the popularity of the video. Alternatively, you may choose to hire someone to make sponsored videos that cover your company interests and services.


Numerous social media platforms are ideal for advertisements, but the choice of one over another one depends on your objectives and the target audience. Some social media platforms are mandatory for any business while others are not much relevant. It is advisable to get a professional who will help you create eye-catching and unique ads for your site. Our Graphics Zoo team of professionals is ready to take you through the process of social media advertising, Call us today.