50 Influential Landing Page Design Tips for Every Business Owner

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Ask any experienced marketing professional or business owner and they’ll tell you how important, yet, tricky it can get chasing a higher and substantial conversion rate for any campaign. 

Working on the landing page designs is one of the most effective ways to improve the overall ROI; industry experts say. 

A landing page is a page that your visitors land on after they click a link from an email or a social media post/ banner ad. 

The purpose of creating a custom landing page design is to provide the user with important information, to get them interested, and to encourage them to take a specific, singular action. 

A landing page focuses on getting the visitor to take one of the following actions:

-Registering on the website,

-Placing an order or making a purchase,

-Calling the office,

-Subscribing to the newsletter, etc. 

They’re also an excellent tool to increase SEO traffic. 

Unlike websites that can confuse visitors with a variety of options for possible actions, landing pages have only one goal: to collect contacts or convert incoming traffic into leads. 

However, all this said, it’s not that easy, especially, for new or small businesses to get high conversion from their landing pages. Given the level of competition and swiftly transforming marketing trends, it can be difficult to create effective landing page designs. 

So, to help you get started with this, we have decided to share with you today 50 influential landing page design tips that would definitely help in improving your conversion rate.

  1. Use title case capitalization in your headline.
  2. Keep the headline clear and concise to get the users’ attention.
  3. Make your copy scannable.
  4. Incorporate real photos, not stock photos.
  5. Use an explainer video on your landing page.
  6. Experiment with different media types.
  7. Mention your offer in your call-to-action (CTA).
  8. Optimize the placement of your CTA.
  9. Repeat your CTA on long pages.
  10. Ensure that the CTA is present above the fold.
  11. Limit your number of form fields.
  12. Test a 2-step opt-in form.
  13. Use auto-focused form fields to direct visitors’ attention.
  14. Ensure brand consistency by keeping the visual design the same from the banner to the landing page.
  1. Use social proof to increase trust.
  2. Enable sharing on viral landing pages.
  3. Sell the benefits, not the features.
  4. Optimize your landing page design for mobile.
  5. Don’t include a navigation bar.
  6. Create urgency with a countdown timer for special offers.
  7. Get insights about you’re audience by clearly defining the consumer need gaps you are trying to fill with your products and services.
  1. Stay focused by targeting each segment with specific products or services.
  2. Include a ‘Key Features’ section in your landing page design.
  3. Use lead magnets such as free-to-download eBooks, white papers, and other informative stuff like blog posts or infographics.
  4. Introduce all the critical information on your page as quickly as possible. This will help get your page visitors to make a decision quickly.
  5. Add real and authentic testimonials from existing clients.
  6. Use exciting offers and promotions.
  7. Use the live chat feature.
  8. Execute regular A/B testing to improve the performance of your landing page design.
  9. Optimizing your landing page for search engines.
  10. Add product comparisons to make it easier for your audience to make a decision.
  11. Add a link to your privacy policy to the landing page.
  12. Analyze the results your landing pages are getting for you. 
  13. Improve the loading speed of your landing page.
  14. Pay attention to design clarity.
  15. Use mold background colors to attract more visitors.
  16. Keep your landing page structured to ensure a proper visual hierarchy.
  17. Integrate with social media.
  18. Keep the design intuitive and simple.
  19. Use the FAQ section to answer the most common questions.
  20. Use the email subscription option to expand your pipeline.
  21. Promote readability with optimal typography.
  22. Don’t ask for information you don’t really need.
  23. Use directional cues to draw attention to the form.
  24. Provide a consistent experience.
  25. Provide extra value on your confirmation or thank you page.
  26. Add logos of well-known companies which are enjoying your product/service.
  27. Use a sales notification popup.
  28. Offer options to your customers on how they want to reach the landing page.
  29. And lastly, take professional help for your landing page design.

To conclude…

Over the period of several years, GraphicsZoo has helped thousands of new and small business owners in improving their business marketing designs. Speak with our design advisors today to understand how we can help you with your branding. Get in touch today at support@graphicszoo.com