6 Creative Skills To Learn During Lockdown To Escalate Your Career

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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“You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

— Charles Buxton

Remember the number of times you’ve complained about not getting enough time to practice your hobbies?

Well, guess what?!

The current lockdown situation due to the COIVD-19 outbreak has provided you with ample time and opportunities to not only practice those hobbies but, also learn new skills.

With all those extra hours that you save from the daily commute to the office, and nowhere to go during the weekends, you now have enough time to learn all those creative things which you have always wanted to.

And, with the internet being overwhelmed with numerous DIY videos and tutorials, it shouldn’t be a tough thing to execute as well.

However, if you are still finding it difficult to decide as to what exactly can fit in this extra time, then no need to scratch your head for it. We are here to help you with some really interesting suggestions.

Here are 6 creative skills that you can learn during this lockdown period to not only be productive and make the most of this time that you have got but, also to escalate your career graph.

Digital Marketing

skills to learn during lockdown

Digital marketing is one field that has seen a rapid growth in the last few years due to the popularity of e-commerce trading and modernization of social media for branding and marketing. With the introduction and easy availability of smartphones and high-speed internet, companies have shifted their businesses online; and that’s where digital marketing plays a key role in the success of brands.

Fortunately, there’s no dearth of free online courses as well as certifications in the field of digital marketing. You can sign up for these courses to not only add a feather to your resume but, also to enhance your knowledge base and improve your own value as a desired resource in the job market.

You can look out for digital marketing certification courses offered by Google or HubSpot Academy. Alternatively, or additionally, you can follow informational blogs from some of the top experts in this field such as; Jeff Bullas, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, etc.

Graphic Designing

skills to learn during lockdown

If creating arts such as, drawing, painting, sketching, etc. has been your thing, it is time to take your interest to the next level by gaining expertise in the field of graphic designing.

Graphic design is another area which has seen a significant uprising due to the expansion of online marketing.

With the hands-on knowledge for using several designing tools; such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. you become a great asset for companies looking to improve their online foothold.

You can very well be a part of graphic design agencies or a freelance graphic designer and make a progressive career for yourself.

You can follow several DIY videos available on YouTube to learn using the graphic designing tools or/and follow informational blogs to learn about thebasics of graphic designing.


skills to learn during lockdown

Ok! So, yes, we understand that this could be a more technically demanding skill to learn during the lockdown and you may not find it an easy one to dedicate your time to. However, the truth is that you don’t really need to have a degree in engineering to learn a basic coding language.

You can start with the easier ones such as HTML, CSS, etc. by following tutorials available online.

The demand for skilled and experienced programmers has always been at its peak and is going to remain the same even after the lockdown is over.

So be ready to give your career a boost by learning a new programming language and open yourself to new job opportunities.

Foreign Language

skills to learn during lockdown

Talking about learning new languages, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a programming or coding language. You can always try and learn a foreign language to enhance your career graph while making the most of your lockdown time.

Learning a completely new language will definitely add value to your skills set and escalate your demand in relevant industries. Foreign language speakers are always required in hospitality sectors as well as bureaucratic establishments.

In fact, knowing a second language has shown to improve memory, enhance conflict management skills, and increase the ability to multitask as well; according to Dana Foundation, an organization dedicated to neuroscience research.

Photo and video editing

skills to learn during lockdown

If you’re one of those who always had a hidden passion for photography but could never live that passion, now is the perfect time. With everything under lockdown and almost zero travelings taking place around the world, the environment has revamped itself generously.

The air is cleaner making every view better and, the flora and fauna around us have flourished as it has never in a long time. All this creates a great setup for capturing some amazing shots in order to make your very own portfolio.

And, just like graphic designing, candidates with professional photo and video editing skills are very much in demand.


skills to learn during lockdown

Yoga has been in existence for over 5000 years, originating from India and spreading all over the world now.  With a number of physical and mental health benefits attached to it, Yoga has become a very lucrative career choice globally.

You can choose to become a freelance yoga teacher, join corporate firms as a guest tutor, become a fitness coach for sports personnel and athletes, etc. There is a wide scope for those who want to make a career in Yoga.

Additionally, in the absence of an effective treatment or vaccination for the present coronavirus pandemic, Yoga can be an effective preventive technique.

Even the doctors across the globe suggest that having a strong immunity and a healthy body is the only preventive measure to fight this pandemic as of now. 

And what better way could there be to improve your immunity and keep yourself fit than doing Yoga?!

So, which of these skills would you be interested in learning during lockdown?! Let us know about your choice in the comments box below. You can also add any other skill which you have been learning since the lockdown happened and share it with our readers.

Stay home, stay safe, and keep learning!