6 Effective Fashion Business Marketing Strategies

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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According to a report from Statista, the fashion industry is booming exponentially and, is expected to grow by nearly 16% this year. Yes! Despite the global scare of COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion business marketing teams are pulling all the strings to survive this wave of economic and health destruction.

But, since you are here, we assume you are facing some challenges in coping up with the market crash and, looking for a revival plan.

If you think you’ve spotted an opportunity for growing your business and if you’re looking for an effective fashion business marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the fashion world or a seasoned veteran, every fashion brand needs a good marketing strategy in place to help it stay ahead of its competition.

So, today, in this article we will discuss 6 effective fashion business marketing strategies that will not only help you stay in competition but, also survive the potential dip in the market due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Be consistent with the brand image

fashion business marketing

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. This quote from one of the veterans from the fashion industry, Coco Chanel, makes it very clear that for a fashion business to become a successful brand, it needs to have a consistent look throughout.

Now, to have this consistency you need to work on your brand colors, layout, fonts, and several other graphic design elements. Once that is finalized, you can apply the same on your business logo, new accessories, website, marketing collaterals, etc.

Create a website

fashion business marketing

If you don’t have a website, yet, for your fashion brand, we suggest you leave everything aside (yea, maybe even reading this blog!) and take that as the first project to complete.

It is needless to say how important it is to have a digital presence for every business, irrespective of the industry they are in. For a business such as yours (fashion), it is all the more important to have a website and digital footprint, given the increasing competition from the e-commerce space.

Invest in your website

It should be remembered that simply creating a website is not going to be enough. In order for your business website to work for your brand and make it a success, you need to work on it; nurture it.

Consider this as a fertilizing process to harvest favorable results later.

Ensure you are continuously updating, testing, and keeping your website looking completely fabulous at all times—just like you would for your store window display.

Join the tech wagon

Currently, we are in the midst of a technological revolution marked by rapid advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Automation. For example, chatbots, a 24/7 customer service representative who guides your customers through their journey from entering your website to converting them at checkout.

Additionally, when designing a website you should ensure that it is responsive in design, given the fact that more than 70% of consumers are making their purchasing from their mobile phones today.

You can read more about responsive website design here

Leverage social media marketing

fashion business marketing

Social media marketing is playing a huge role in influencing the buying decision of consumers; and for an industry like fashion, it is a must.

Go to Instagram and you’ll see millions of posts focusing only on the fashion style and accessories.

And not just that, with platforms like Facebook providing the facility to operate online stores for your brand, it is so much easier now to connect with your audience, show them your product and let them make the purchase then and there.

Hire professionals to design graphics

As a professional fashion design business, no one would understand the importance of quality in a design better than you. The same applies to the graphic designs which will be used throughout your marketing strategies that we have discussed so far.

Be it designing your website, social media pages, and posts, marketing collaterals such as brochures and flyers, etc. You’d need professional designers to ensure your designs are on point and are able to attract the right target audience.


To conclude…

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