7 Crucial Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand Identity (And How To Avoid Them)

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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According to Worldometer, the current population of the world is around 7.8 billion. And, according to Statista, close to 3.6 billion people are using social media currently. That’s nearly half of the world’s population using social media

This, clearly, reflects how important social media is for brands to reach out to their target audience, interact and engage with them, as well as convert new customers.

However, this massive outreach of social media platforms also makes it highly vulnerable and crucial. This is largely in terms of how brands are showcasing themselves to their audience; theaesthetics of social media.

Often, businesses go overboard with their social media marketing strategies and in the process risk their brand image and identity on such an influential public platform.

These social media marketing mistakes are pretty paltry in significance as such, however, can make a large deterring impact if not dealt with or avoided.

Today, we’ll discuss 7 such social media marketing mistakes that have the potential to kill your brand’s identity in no time; and, how you avoid them.

Referring to the wrong KPIs

One of the most effective ways to prepare and execute successful social media marketing strategies is by following a set of key performance indicators; a.k.a, KPIs. 

These KPIs allow you to make strategic changes in your campaign and target audiences on the go. You can stop a non-performing ad at any moment and save your budget until the ad has been re-optimized. 

However, while measuring the key performance indicators (KPIs), many marketers fall into the trap of vanity metrics. They measure the number of fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter, and if these numbers are growing, they are happy. 

This leads brands to set the wrong precedence for their social media marketing which, over a period of time, deteriorates the brand value. One should be measuring the impact their social media efforts have on the business and, not the total number of fans or followers.

Considering one strategy for all social media platforms

The world of social media is brimming with different networking platforms; each having its own set of virtues and nuances.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example, are not only some of the top-performing social media platforms but, are also the earliest ones to begin.

However, all these three social media websites have different tones of voice and purpose. 

Similarly, all social platforms are unique. 

Each social media platform has different strengths, features, marketing tools, and also diverse audiences with varying demographics, behaviors, and interests.

This goes to show that, when you plan to create a social media marketing strategy for your business, you cannot simply have one common plan for every platform. 

For your efforts to be effective, you need to account for differences between social networks. It is important to learn how people communicate on all such social network sites you participate in. 

This is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes that a large number of brands make. Many brands post the same content in the same formats with the same copy across all their social platforms.

Not having a social media marketing plan at all

One of the worst social media marketing mistakes that a brand can commit is not having a marketing plan at all. 

Yes! It may sound surreal but, a lot of new businesses and startups tend to jump into the world of social media without a proper plan of action. 

They sporadically post things to their social media accounts, share some of their content here and there and try to attract followers or fans. That's not social media marketing; that's having no plan. 

Creating a social media marketing plan is akin to any other business marketing plan. There are a set of specific goals, budgets, and a concrete plan of action that outlines;

-what you are trying to accomplish,

-how you will achieve your goal,

-how you will measure results, and

-what resources you will need to allocate.

Every brand needs to understand the importance of designing its own, unique, social media strategy.


Lacking in communicating with customers

A very crucial aspect of any social media marketing plan is engagement and communication with your target users. 

The basic purpose behind sharing well-designed posts on social media platforms is to get responses from potential customers. And, every comment a customer posts, whether positive or negative, presents an opportunity to communicate with the customer directly. 

The focus of every brand should be to network with their audience; instead of simply making connections.

As explained in one of the earlier points, the effectiveness of a social media marketing plan is not in the increasing number of followers but, how much the plan has impacted the business performance; overall.

Networking is about adding value to a relationship. Treat these relationships the same way as your in-person ones. By adding value to these relationships, others will be more likely to pay attention to what you have to say.

Keeping yourself in the center

One of the gravest social media marketing mistakes that brands commit, albeit often unknowingly, is that of talking about themselves all along. 

Their news, their events, their products, their projects, etc; it's all about them. 

Well, guess what? Nobody cares! 

To succeed in social media, brands need to create content that resonates with the interest of their target audience, is of high quality, and is in line with the norms of the social network and your followers.  

The content should be about the consumers. Make it about them and, for them. 

Keep your promotional activities to the minimum. Best-practice says to follow a pattern of posting one promotional post for every four non-promotional posts.  

Non-promotional updates can be;


-an image or photo that shows your brand culture, or your office or your work culture,

-how-to guides,

-infographics or blog pieces. 

Try to share something that brings value to your audience.

Relying a lot on automation

Remember the point where we discussed the importance of effective communication with the audience? Well, this social media marketing mistake is an extended part of that. 

Of course,automation has a huge role to play in today’s marketing space; especially digital marketing. However, relying completely on automation tools for all your social media posts can get overwhelming and break the chord of communication between your brand and your audience. 

People use social media because they want to interact with others. If people can tell that your posts are automated, or if they feel the exchange is impersonal, they will distance themselves to your brand. 

Your social media presence must have a personal touch. Be careful not to alienate your audience by posting content automatically and instead think of ways to delight, entertain and inspire by posting content that is personalized and authentic.


Not proofreading the content before publishing

One of the worst mistakes that a brand can commit, irrespective of the marketing platform, is that of not proof-reading the design content before sharing it on the public forum. 

You may use outstanding graphics and quirky text for your social media designs. But, all that would go in vain if the design is marred with grammatical errors. It has the potential to jeopardize your brand reputation and damage the brand’s perception. 

So, always double-check every piece of content scheduled to be published. Check for errors on the images, videos, and texts on graphics, too.

To conclude…

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