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A Designer’s Guide to Picking the Right Color Scheme for Website Design in 2021

A Designer’s Guide to Picking the Right Color Scheme for Website Design in 2021

It would not be an overstatement to say that the whole world is eagerly waiting for the year 2020 to end.

Not that, there is any surety of the pandemic to end anytime soon. However, a fresh start could really give a breather to everyone.

Talking of fresh starts, the next year is also expected to bring some new trends in graphic and website designing.

And, colors, being one of the basic elements of graphic design, are expected to be one of the segments which could see something fresh and new, especially, for website designs.

Now, picking the right set of colors is very important for any business to ensure they are targeting the right audience and establishing their brand’s identity in the right manner.

So, it is important, especially, for small business owners to make their designers understand how to pick the right color scheme for website design in 2021.

Instead of getting influenced by new color combinations and randomly trying different hues, it is better to pick the shades that match your brand’s identity.

And, so, in order to make sure of that, we bring you a simple designer’s guide to picking the right color scheme for website design in 2021.

We will discuss the expected color shades and combinations that would be in trend in the coming year and which combination would fit well with which business type.

So, let’s get colorful!

Retro vibes with orange and red tones

color trends for 2021

The last couple of years have seen brands going for a retro look for their designs. Be it for their website designs, mobile app design, social media designs, or even for their banner advertising designs.

The fashion and clothing industry, especially, has shown a wide inclination towards using different tones of the colors orange, red, and pink to create a retro vibe within the audience.

What these colors help doing is creating a nostalgic effect with the customers, making them revisit their childhood days.

Read more on the impact of professional graphic design in the fashion industry in this blog. 

Using pink as the primary color

The color pink has always been seen as the shade that reflects feminism and is stereotyped with female products only.

However, this trend has been drifting slowly, but steadily, by erasing the stereotype and making the color pink more gender-neutral.

A lot of brands can be seen today using pink as the primary color for creating custom website designs for their business; especially those in the field of creativity and communication.

This includes firms such as digital marketing agencies, graphic design agencies, printing service agencies, advertising agencies, etc. 

It is expected to take the front seat in 2021 as one of the main color schemes to be used for website designing.

Overlapping black with black

color trends for 2021

A very interesting color trend that is expected to become a rage for several website owners in the coming year is that of using the color black for, both,website background design and the font that is used for the content that goes over the background design.

Brands are now showing intentions of using the color black not just as a supportive shade but, as the main color pick for the entire website design.

The color black is known to showcase elite characteristics such as glamour, luxury, elegance, etc., and, therefore this color combination can be a great pick for brands who want to create such an identity for their products and services.

Brands who are into jewelry, perfumes, or high-end merchandise can cash in a lot of customer attention by using following this color trend for their website design in 2021.

Going gradient with sea blue

Using gradient colors is one of the most anticipatedwebsite design trends for 2021 and, therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise at all to see it on this list of color scheme trends for 2021.

However, what we’d like to mention here is the specific use of gradient shades of the color blue; especially a combination of sea blue with mint color shades.

The shades of color blue are known to carry a psychological impact of calmness and tranquility. And, therefore, could work very well for brands that are into therapy, psychiatrists, ecosystem, nature, etc.  

Sticking with simplicity through white and grey

color trends for 2021

Visit Apple Inc’s website and you’ll find a complete application of this particular color combination of grey and white (with shades of black; of course!).

This is to show how even giant brands choose simple color schemes to design their websites.

Just like black, the combination of grey and white is a great choice for brands to design their websites in 2021; who want to create an identity of being elite and premium.

Going deep with futuristic colors

The use of futuristic color schemes has already seen a rise in popularity with brands going for neon shades, deep blue, deep purple, and more such futuristic shades for their website design. And, this color trend for website design is going to only get bigger in the coming year.

Such shades can be really helpful for websites meant for Sci-fi, modern technology (AI/VR), etc.

To conclude…

Colors play a very significant role in the success of the overall graphic design for a business. And, a website being the most important channel to communicate with the target audience, it is essential that the right color scheme is picked for its design.

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