Benefits of Digital Signages That Show the Importance of Their Design

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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When we talk about branding and marketing strategies for a business, they are executed and classified broadly into two segments;



Digital marketing, as we all know, covers all the online methods of communicating with the audience and selling products and services. It could be through social media channels, emails, or websites.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is all about using offline methods to communicate with the audience and create brand awareness. This includes newspaper advertisements, billboards, business cards, flyers, signages, etc.

However, modern-day marketers are taking the third route for creating brand awareness and establishing a strong brand identity for their business by combining the benefits of modern and traditional ways of marketing in one bundle.

They are doing this through, what we know as, Digital Signages.

Now, if you are getting a little confused with what exactly are digital signages then, let us help!

Have you seen those huge billboards with motion graphics placed on the walls of the tall Times Square buildings?

Those are one of the types of digital signages.

Similarly, there are several other ways of using digital signages to execute effective marketing and branding strategies.

Some of the most common digital signage examples can be seen at;

-Conference rooms

-Reception area

-Bus stops


-Highway motels

“But, why do we need digital signages when we can do the same through online marketing?” 

You may ask!

Well, that’s precisely what we’ll be discussing in this article by providing you a list of benefits of digital signages. This list of benefits of digital signages will also answer two very important questions;

-Why digital signage designs matter?

-Why you should always look for professional graphic design services?

So, let’s get right into it. Here is a list of benefits of digital signages you need to understand:

It is highly engaging

There’s no doubt that digital signages are extremely helpful in grabbing the audience’s attention quickly.

This high engagement benefit makes the atmosphere more lively and unique, with a powerful influence on buying decisions.

More views mean more opportunities to impact sales, and more interest means more customers in your doors, all of which can lead to opportunities for greater sales. It’s as simple as that!

It helps showcase more

A wider range of products and services can be shown through single digital signage. 

For e.g., a restaurant could utilize a series of digital menu boards that display a different menu as the day progresses – i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alternatively, a fashion brand can run a carousel of its newly launched merchandise designs.

It is multi-purpose

One of the greatest benefits of digital signages is that they can be used in different places for different purposes. 

Some of the common places these digital signages can be used for greater impact include but, not limited to;

-The waiting areas at the airport, train station, or bus stop.

-Office reception areas.

-Conference rooms

-Breakout areas.

And, some of the common applications and purposes for using digital signages include;

-Communicating important updates and messages to customers (and employees).

-Entertainment uses to keep the audience busy; such as Twitter feeds, currency updates, weather updates, etc.

-Work-related statistics and updates to establish credibility. For example, a doctor or a dentist could display general health facts and tips. Similarly, a real estate agent can display the images of their completed or under development properties.

You can display anything you choose to from news channels to twitter feeds, photographs to advertisements – the list is endless.

It can be managed remotely

With a simple cloud-based Content Management System (CMS), a single or an entire network of screens can be managed remotely. 

It is quick and easy to update at any time (even immediately) and schedule content – you are completely in control.

This benefit is especially useful during the holiday shopping time, or if you want to promote doorbusters and flash sales during certain hours.

It is cost-effective

One of the benefits of digital signages that would interest any business owner is its cost-effectiveness. Despite being part traditional marketing method, you don’t really need a physical creation or installation of your signage designs. 

Once you have placed signage at a location you don’t really need to spend anything on printing, delivery, or, installation.

Additionally, it allows the option of generating additional money from third-party advertisers. If you plan to shift your store from the current location, you can always rent out your digital signage space to the brand that’s moving in your place.


To conclude…

It is clear from the explained benefits of digital signages that this method of marketing and branding is very useful. However, all this is of no use if your signages are not professionally designed.

After all, it is the graphics shown on your signages which would keep your customers engaged.

So, it is very important that you focus on your digital signage designs seriously.

You can always get custom digital signage designs from a professional graphic design agency such as GraphicsZoo.Check out our portfolio to understand how we can help.