Do’s and Don’ts of Business Card Design

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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If the business industry is to be believed, the existence and importance of business cards have barely been affected by the emergence of digital technology. Business cards are still very much relevant and are used extensively by business professionals to create their network.

However, what certainly has changed with technology is how a business card is designed. The overall appearance and utility of a business card have evolved with time, as businesses are now investing resources to ensure their business cards, too, look fancy and useful.

The way business cards are designed nowadays, they are no more just a piece of cardboard with your name and company name on it. There’s a lot that can be done with a custom business card design.

However, while playing with the looks of your business card, it is essential to remember that the main essence of a business card design must not be lost. And, that is why, today, we will be discussing some of the most common, yet highly important, do’s and don’ts of business card design.

Do’s of business card design

- Do choose professional design services

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Business cards are the face of your company - and you - and that’s why it would be a shame if you compromise with the quality of your business card design. A generic design would never help you get noticed by a possible client.

Professional design agencies understand the basic elements of graphic design and how to apply them to a particular project. They can certainly help you with a business card design that reflects your brand’s message and value.

Additionally, the design of your business card needs to be in sync with the design of your other printed materials. Professional design service agencies can help you achieve that consistency throughout.

- Do give priority to readability over creativity

business card design tips

Being different doesn’t mean being incomprehensible. If a prospect is not even able to understand the information that is available on the business card, it is simply of no use to them. So, always make sure that your business card design looks different but not hard to understand.

This begins mainly with the type of font that you use for your business card design.

Decorative, whimsical, and heavily styled fonts can be beautiful, but difficult to read. Simple fonts are best. Keep the font size large enough so that potential customers don’t have to squint or take out their glasses to read your contact information.

- Do ensure appropriate layout

business card design tips

One design thought that may push us to make business cards out of the ordinary is the overall layout.

Now, a typical business card is of the size of 3.5 x 2 inches. So, if you’re going with an unconventional design and size, in order to make it look fancy, it will stand out amongst other cards but may be difficult to store or carry by your customers.

So, if you decide to design a business card with a unique layout, ensure that they have some added advantage to them so that the customers do keep them irrespectively.

- Do include necessary information

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The objective of sharing your business card with a potential client is to help them with a ready reference to know all about you and your company, and to get in touch whenever required.

Your potential client should be able to answer the basic questions (Who? What? Where? Why?) with a single glance.

So, do make sure that you have all the necessary information printed on your business card; such as your name, designation, company name, company logo, company address, and most importantly, your contact information.

A business card has two sides on it. So, rather than cramping all the information on one side, make the most of your business card design and use both sides to share all the relevant and important information with your clients.

Don’ts of business card design

- Don’t use outdated business cards

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As explained in the beginning, business cards are the face of your company and yourself. Do you really want your potential clients to witness a crumpled and torn face of your brand?

Make sure you have a fresh set of crisp business cards on you whenever you are at a business gathering. There’s nothing worse for a client than getting a smudged business card that you’ve had at the bottom of your bag for months.

Also, if your contact details have changed – even if it’s just one digit – get your cards reprinted. Don’t try to patch up your cards or write your new number on the back.

- Don’t be boring

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Keeping things simple doesn’t really mean that you go all boring with your business card design and make them undecorated. The business card needs to stand out from the rest and must appear to be useful in some way for the clients.

Think out of the box. Share your unique ideas with your designer (or with your team, if you are the designer)and work towards creating something that reflects the brand’s image.

Use the colors of the brand in such a way that a simple glimpse of the card would make it distinguishable and recognizable at the same time.

- Don’t commit silly grammatical mistakes

business card design tips

One of the worst things you can do with your business card design is letting it pass with stupid grammatical mistakes.

If you want your business to be taken seriously make sure your texts are impeccable and error-free. You don’t really have to be a professor of English in order to keep the information correctly spelled. If you aren’t an expert, add a specialist of someone close to you to look over your information and make sure they are perfect before sending them to print.

To conclude…

Creating a unique and memorable business card design should not be a challenge if you know what you want. If you are a designer, you’d know how you can create what you want but, even if you aren’t one there’s nothing to worry about. GraphicsZoo can help you create stunning business card designs that will surely help you get attention from your potential clients. Send us your queries today at