Effective Hotel Website Design Tips To Convert More Visitors

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Do you have a website for your hotel business?

If the answer is ‘No’, then we suggest you pay extra attention to what we are about to discuss.

And, if the answer is ‘Yes’ but, it's not reaping you the benefits you had thought of then you too are advised to stay attentive through this blog.

Every business, today, is advised to have a well-designed website; the same applies to the hotel business.

Having a business website, basically, solves three main purposes:

- Providing all necessary information to the customers about the business.

- Creating trust and establishing credibility for the brand.

- Giving a platform to interested customers to make a purchase.

Now, out of the three objectives mentioned above, the main objective from a business’s point of view is to convert a visitor and get them to make a purchase. 

And, with respect to our point of discussion today, that purchase is making a booking for a hotel room.

And, ask any experienced UI/UX developer or a graphic designer and they’ll tell you the most important aspect of a website that helps with conversion of a visitor is the overall aesthetics of the website.

Yes, content does matter! No doubt in that. 

But, it’s not the content that alone can help you improve your website’s conversion performance.

There are a lot of factors that are involved when designing a hotel website that play a vital role in improving the overall performance of your online business.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with some really effective hotel website design tips that can help you improve the conversion rate and get more bookings from your website alone.

Aim for a responsive website design

It should not come as a surprise when we tell you that you need to create a mobile-friendly website design for your hotel business. This is for two very simple reasons;

1.Rapidly increasing number of mobile internet users. (Over 4.5 billion according to the latest reports by Statista.com)

2.Preference of customers in making hotel bookings through their smartphones. (Around 65% bookings are made directly from the hotel’s main website according to a survey done by Statisticbrain.com.)

hotel website design

This clearly tells us why it is important to design your website in such a way that it can provide the same user experience irrespective of the device used. 

Now, for the uninitiated, it can get a little confusing to differentiate between an adaptive and responsive design. Therefore, it will be better to outsource your design services to a professional agency; such as GraphicsZoo.

You can, also, check out our detailed article on the difference between an adaptive and responsive website design to get more clarity on this.

Keep the navigation simple and easy

The thing about having a hotel website design is that it is your channel to communicate with your audience.

Now, won’t it be a problem for both the parties involved – you and the visitor – if the communication is not clear?

Of course! It will be.

So, it is advised that you keep the navigation on your website simple and easy to follow such that it leads your website visitors to the booking page in the least possible clicks.

hotel website design

For this, you need to ensure that:

- The menu bar should be easy to locate. It should have all the main pages of your website for the customers to check.

- Build an effective interlink between your different web pages, to make navigation easier.

- Ensure proper and clear CTA alongside or inside the navigation bar.

- Use contrasting colors to highlight your menu bar on the home page.

You need to ensure that your website’s homepage is neat and simple, and not bombarded with animated graphics, in order to ensure clear and simple navigation for your website visitors.

Include high-quality images

Remember, at the beginning of this article, we discussed how the aesthetics of a website are important in conversions?

Well, it is a good practice for a hotel website to use high quality, high-resolution images that intrigue the visitors and give them a sense of what your hotel rooms look like.

Any customer or a potential guest would want to know what they can expect if they decide to stay at your hotel.

hotel website design

So, it would be beneficial to include pictures of the exterior of the hotel, the communal areas, the bedrooms, or anything else that will allow them to get a feel for what you are offering.      

However, it is important to understand (and remember) that using high-quality images mean larger size images, and that means higher page loading time. Now, that can be detrimental to user experience.

Therefore, it is a good practice to always optimize your images before uploading them on your website so that you don’t have to compromise with the quality and still can offer fast page loading time.

Keep it relevant

What we, basically, mean by saying that you need to keep your hotel website design relevant is, that your website design must follow the essence and theme of your hotel.

Let’s understand it in a more simple manner.

So, let’s say you are a small hotelier who owns just one single property which is a lavish resort located in the middle of a lush green forest.

Now, this should give you an idea that your website design needs to align with nature and use graphics and color palette that reflects growth, eco-system, calmness, etc. Something like a shade of green.

hotel website design

This would help you align your website design with the property images that you’d be putting up on your website as well as the tonality of the information you’d be sharing with your customers to read.

All-in-all, the color scheme, the images, and the copy on your website need to be in sync with each other in order to provide a comprehensive experience for your users and explain everything about your hotel.

Make it simple to take an action

This particular tip for your hotel website design is mainly to highlight the importance of ease of accessibility for your website visitors.

Apart from ensuring easy navigation for your potential guests, you also need to ensure that you are creating a design which helps them take action in an easy way, such as;

- Making a booking.

- Finding contact details.

- Locating your property on the map.

- Reading reviews and testimonials.

hotel website design

You need to ensure that your website design is such that your customers are able to find and execute all these actions with ease.

To conclude…

A strategically designed hotel website can go a long way in making your hotel business a success; no matter how big or small your business is.

Visitors are likely to equate the experience they have on your website to the experience they might have at your hotel. Therefore, it is fundamental to make a good first impression.

So, if you, too, are looking to increase your hotel bookings and site conversions, work on the design of your website. Your design must be simple, allow for swift navigation, and communicate the right message to the right potential guests.

The team of designers at GraphicsZoo is well-equipped with the necessary skills to help you design a website that can improve your booking and conversion rate. To know more, get in touch with us today at support@graphicszoo.com