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Feedback Form Statistics and Facts Directly Connected to its Design

Feedback Form Statistics and Facts Directly Connected to its Design

According to a study, just 1 out of every 26 customers surveyed showed the likeliness to bring up their complaints when faced with unsatisfied services or products. The other 25 customers chose to simply walk away and buy from another vendor/brand. 

This is one of the many reasons that establish the fact that customer feedback is highly crucial and brands must make all possible efforts to get honest reviews from their consumers. 

Using feedback forms is arguably the most widely used method to get customer reviews on products and services. And, yet, not many are able to get a response from their customers. 

Poor design of the feedback form is possibly the strongest reason for this failure of getting an honest customer review. 

Today, we bring you some of such feedback form statistics and facts that are directly connected to its design and will help you make crucial changes to improve the overall response conversion. 

The response rate for an email survey is roughly 24.8%

So it can be expected that 1 in 4 people will fill out a feedback survey sent through email. And, therefore, you need to ensure that your email design is on point. 

Here are some helpful tips you can follow to create winning email marketing designs

Nearly 40% of all online feedbacks provided by consumers are done from their mobile devices 

This goes to show the importance of having a responsive design of the feedback form. In order to ensure a high rate of feedback form response, surveys, emails, and newsletters should be formatted in a way that is pleasant for mobile users.

Consumers avoid clinking on links when accessing them from their mobile phones. 

Mobile users are selective with their point of focus when interacting with email or any website content. Therefore, the form filling must be a single-stage process rather than them having to click on multiple links before arriving at the main feedback form page.   

The lower the CTA is placed in the email, the lesser are the chances for it to be clicked. 

In addition to the previous point about using clickable links in your feedback form email, businesses should also ensure that the main CTA is visible within the first frame of the email. The lower the CTA is placed, the lesser are the chances for it to be clicked by a user. Keep the intro part short when sharing survey forms through email.

The average attention span of a consumer is up to 4 seconds. 

This shows that your feedback form should be aesthetically on point to hold the customer’s attention. Make sure the colors, fonts, images, etc. used in designing the feedback form are in line with your target audience’s demography. 

SMS has the highest response rate

With a 40% conversion rate, SMS text has been noted to be the channel with the highest response rate. An SMS survey can be filled out very quickly and the data can be easily collected.

66% of customers stated that they’re more likely to trust a brand with many reviews.

A study on customer service showed that consumers, especially young shoppers (aged 18-24), expect at least 200 reviews for a product or service before making a purchase decision. This clearly implies that you should work on the UX design of your website by including authentic customer reviews. Additionally, you should also add reviews through your social media pages. 

Online reviews are the most important factor for local search engine rankings.

Google uses business reviews as one of the key elements to order search results for a service or product. Online reviews that contain certain keywords and phrases can expand your online territory. This means you’re more likely to show up in search engine results and get more customers.

Thus proving that in order grow the size of your business, you not only have to work on your website’s UX design but, also the SEO design; by growing your online presence.


To conclude…

Customer feedbacks are like a gold mine for businesses as they can extract invaluable data and information about the performance of their business and the expectations of the consumers. 

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