How to Create Ad Impact

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Effective advertising is key to a successful product launch.

Effective –fresh entrepreneurs always seem to overlook this fine word. A business name alone is not enough to grab a buyer’s attention which is why marketing exists. What’s a name without history or let alone controversy? P. T. Barnum once said “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” Which means any PR is good PR. But of course, we should always go for creative and decent marketing tactics.

Say, I’m a mid-sized communications company looking for my big break so I try to make a grand release of a new smart phone on the same day Apple does, and heavily advertised the event on newspapers and TV beforehand. However, I still failed. By then, I would’ve incurred an overwhelming cost and lost quite a fortune just because of one bad decision. This is purely hypothetical but, what do you think might’ve gone wrong in this situation? As we said, ads need to be effective before they could work.

In the example given above, they did marketing but it’s unclear if they did it well. There are several factors that would contribute to the success of a business endeavor –factors that Graphic Zoo really takes careful consideration of. Here below are some of the things our company can help you deal with in order to create loud and creative – not to mention effective – ad impact.

Visuals make up for the most part.

Most people are visual learners, they remember what they see. Although a few are auditory (listening) and kinesthetic (moving, touching) learners, a whopping 65% of the population are visually-oriented. This is the reason why Facebook posts with pictures get shared more often – or in the case of twitter, re-tweeted.

For instance, you have an attending audience of 1000 people. Expect that 650 (more or less) of them will get bored if you keep talking without visual aids for a very long time. Preparation is very important and we’re here at Graphic Zoo to help you with it. Creating content for visuals is one thing, creating inviting content is another.

The marketing medium needs variety.

Putting ads up on television and newspapers can be costly and not all people who’ve invested in them came out victorious. Many commercials fail to get the message across, and newspaper readers continue to fluctuate. In this time and age, almost everything is digital – wider audience reach, low overhead costs, and hassle-free transactions.

In Graphic Zoo, we offer a variety of services. We can help you come up with the perfect logo, ad layouts, web pages, and even alluring designs for brochures and billboards! Our product scope is so diverse it’d be hard to find which advertising tools we don’t offer. Kidding aside, variety really is important. You need to make people wonder why your business or product keeps popping up everywhere.

Know who to target.

What kind of product are you offering and to whom are they for? This is a very important consideration when you want to market your product effectively. Well, you can’t market toothpaste to the elderly with no teeth as much as you can’t advertise laundry detergent to teenagers. Think about it, for whom does your product exist?

Time it perfectly.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge (trust us, we know) and it usually requires a lot of numbers. Planning a product release should be done with precision and accuracy. You need to know what times of the year are people most likely to shop and what kinds of products would garner the most sales. It is also very important to know how to time your marketing campaign – starting too early risks lowering the excitement and starting too late risks audience reach. Finding the fine line between early and late will help contribute to your success.

The thing is that even if you have the money to fund something, major product losses can inflict serious damage on your bank account. Not to mention, your wasted marketing efforts. If you’re planning to go big, it would pay to invest a little bit more on advertising – especially on visuals and design. And this, my friend, is something we can get off your back. Trust that with Graphic Zoo, you will only get the best.