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How to use Graphic Design to Upscale your Social Media Strategy in 2021

How to use Graphic Design to Upscale your Social Media Strategy in 2021

In today’s world, it’s undeniable that social media has taken over every type of traditional media. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper to produce and, it yields faster results.

But social media marketing is also an ever-changing field. 

There are lots of different channels that you need to learn and you always need to adapt and be quick on your feet or else you’ll get left behind.

One thing that doesn’t change, however, is that social media is very visual in nature; its entirety can be seen on any screen, desktop, or mobile device.

This is why social media marketing and graphic design are almost inseparable. Using graphic design skills can help you make aesthetically pleasing and engaging posts that can convert to user reach and engagements.

But in today’s age, social media users’ attention spans decrease as time goes, making it harder to get their attention and making them harder to please. Having graphic design skills as a social media manager is now more important than ever if you want to succeed in social media marketing.

But in terms of skills, you probably already know graphic design basics such as graphic design principles, typography, color theory, grids, etc. In this article, we’ll tell you how to use graphic design to upscale your social media strategy in 2021.

We’ll cover not only the production of social media content but, also how to make the most out of social media by better utilizing social media to your advantage.


Know the different social media channel formats

social media design tips 2021

The internet is such a vast domain and there’s a lot of social media sites out there to choose from. But a good social media marketer knows which social media channels are used by their consumers the most and focuses on those channels.

The top social media networking sites are

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

From these social media sites, you can use graphic design to your advantage to yield better results. One of the ways you can do this is by knowing each channel’s recommended size formats.

Here’s a handy social media cheat sheet from Gary Fox that you can use as a reference when making graphic designs for each social media channel:

These sizes change regularly, so it’s important to keep yourself updated on these formats for 2021. It’s also important to anticipate future changes and adapt accordingly.


Make your design compatible with different devices

Now that you’ve taken into consideration the different sizing formats for each social media platform, you now also have to take into consideration the different sizing formats that work well for different devices.

Great graphic designers take into consideration each platform’s responsiveness and scalability.

Responsive graphic designs respond to changing browser sizes, particularly browser width. Though this responsiveness may be automatic for some platforms, graphic designers need to ensure that each design they make remains clear and visible no matter how much each platform adjusts its size.

Similar to graphic design responsiveness, graphic designs in social media marketing also need to be scalable.

In responsive design, each platform automatically adjusts the same graphic design depending on browser width. In scalable design, however, you’re taking into consideration the best sizes or resolution for each platform in the design process itself.

Here’s a scalability guide from Louise Myers Visual Social Media that shows which parts of the graphic design is visible for each device so you can make a graphic design within the “safe zone” and make it scalable:

Tip: Landscape oriented graphic designs work well on desktop and portrait-oriented graphic designs work well on mobile devices. However, squares make the most of the widths of any device, making it the most popular size for social media content.

Use graphic design templates

social media design tips 2021

Making graphic design templates speeds up the social media design process by having the consistent design form of your content ready from the word go.

Templates can be made with the specific sizes, design layout, logos, watermarks, and other consistent design elements already set for each platform. 

You just need to make a simple design and incorporate it into your template and you already have yourself a complete graphic design that’s also consistent with your social media content branding.

This makes the entire social media content creation easier, faster, and more consistent, giving you the ability to make more effective social media content.


Be reactive

In social media, being reactive can mean different things.

First, being reactive in social media marketing can mean being reactive to the happenings around you or your business in real-time. This reactive social media strategy is called moment marketing.

Moment marketing means that you’re up on your feet to news, trends, and current happenings and finding a way to relate it to your brand with social media content.

Another reactive social media strategy is by keeping up with design trends. Design is a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape and brands need to constantly adapt their style by keeping up with the latest design trends in order to keep on top of their game and ahead of their competitors.

In conclusion

So those are some of the ways you can incorporate graphic design into your social media strategy for the year to come. For a field that needs everyone to be quick on their feet, being ready and equipped with these skills and strategies can help you become successful in social media in the long run.

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