Predicting 12 Popular Graphic Design Trends for 2021 - Part 2

Predicting 12 Popular Graphic Design Trends for 2021 - Part 2

Last week, we shared with you the first part of our predictions for graphic design trends for 2021. In that, we explored 6 trends that would possibly be the most popular amongst brands to create their marketing designs. 

Continuing from there, here we give you the next 6 design trends that would be favorites in 2021.  

Using GIFs extensively

graphic design trends for 2021

One of the most common myths around graphic designing is that it has to be static in nature; in all forms. And, that’s precisely where a lot of brands lose out to their competitors who understand the importance of using motion graphics to their business designs. 

GIFs are raging in popularity across social media channels, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see brands adopting such a form of motion graphics to their graphic design projects. 

In fact, due to the increasing popularity, GIFs are potentially beneficial for brands to use in their website designs and email designs as well. 

Designers can no longer afford to sit still. It’s time for brands to follow and explore how the popularity of the updated GIF format can work for them. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity wasted.

Targeting Gen Alphas

graphic design trends for 2021

If you are getting confused with this new term ‘Generation Alpha’ then let us help you get some clarity. 

Most of you reading this article probably belong to the millennial generation (born between 1980 and 1990) or Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980). 

Now, Gen Alpha is the section of the generation born in the earlier part of the last decade, i.e., the 2010s. 

This generation is already a decade old now and goes to school. And, given the ease of accessibility of modern technology for kids of this generation today, a lot of brands are now creating products and services specifically to attract this generation. 

Gen Alpha interacts with technology more naturally and instinctively than any previous generation, and this will influence brand touchpoints and micro behaviors profoundly. 

They may lack in age but, they more than makeup for it in influencing the family dynamic and spending behavior.


Real-time data visualization

Creating graphic designs for your business have a set of objectives and providing accurate data and information is one of the prime objectives. 

We have already seen the use of pie-charts and infographics embedded in UI designs for websites and mobile app designs. The same is now expected to go a notch above with real-time data visualization dashboards where designers can showcase information in a way that adapts to changes and dynamically animates.

Of course, such huge data would require aesthetically pleasing design output, and that’s why, from a stylistic standpoint, dark interfaces using abstract polygons are going to be the designers’ pick.

Taking immersive experience to another level

graphic design trends for 2021

The last couple of years have seen an extensive mushrooming of AR-based design applications and software. And, with the advancement of mobile camera technology, brands may now find it even more convenient to create design content in lesser time. 

Artificial Intelligence has already started to set its foot in graphic designing and the AR technology is expected to see and incremental growth in the coming years.

Brands now understand the impact of using AI in graphic designing with regard to their overall business growth and ROI.

A lot of professional designers feel that the digital world cannot be left to exist in isolation, and it needs to be integrated with the ‘real-world’ experience; seamlessly and intelligently.

Combining light and dark color for effect

Irrespective of how advanced or modern we get with the technology, some trends simply there to stay for eternity. Using the combination of light and dark color effects for graphic designs, both, digitally and offline (traditional designs) is one of those graphic design trends. 

A popular and common trend within the tech industry space, this trend has now caught the attention of other industry players. And, brands – as well as designers – are now embracing the light and dark color illustrations across different websites, apps, and graphic design elements. 

Some of the notable brands that are riding the wave already include the likes of Apple and Facebook.

The advantage of applying this combination of light and dark color schemes is that it makes your app design more diverse and adaptable to different situations. Additionally, this scheme makes design illustrations more flexible.

With reputable brands like Facebook and Apple in the fore, we can be certain that the coming year will see a lot of renowned brands following the suit.


Using hand-drawn illustrations

graphic design trends for 2021

Similar to the use of custom typefaces in graphic design, hand-drawn illustrations, too, help businesses in creating a unique brand identity. 

In fact, with the dawn of the last decade, we entered the era where the audience only accepts authentic content and design material. In such a situation, using generic illustrations is nothing less than suicidal.  

Fortunately, the principles of modern design offer numerous ways for brands to stand out. 

The biggest advantage with hand-drawn illustrations is that they are complicated and, therefore, leaving no room for replication or copying of your brand-specific illustrations.

As a result, even when competitors use your illustration, they can only copy the stock image and color scheme. This way, your handwritten illustrations will forever stand out regardless of the number of times it is replicated.

Check out part 1 here of our prediction for graphic design trends for the 2021 series if you missed it earlier. 

To conclude…

The year 2020 has been a disaster for everyone to be honest. Both, the brands and the consumers fought in their own ways to survive the global lockdown period (which is still crawling around). However, as always, we have found potential ways to get our lives back on track by adapting to new ways of living life, communicating, selling, and buying. 

As the things look to progress in a positive direction, we all are eagerly waiting for this monstrous year to simply end and the next year to begin as soon as possible. And, brands can definitely adapt to all these graphic design trends for 2021 to jump-start their business process once again.  

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