Red, Yellow or Blue - What Color Will you Choose?

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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The world of advertising and marketing is increasingly becoming visual every day. Companies now use various visual branding elements to attract prospective clients to a brand and enhance its appeal to the audience. Color is one of the visual factors that you cannot ignore if you intend to add a lasting visual impact with your designs and blogs. Professional graphic designers understand the role of color in fostering emotion and provoking associations with their target group. Therefore, they will always use it in the best way possible on their designs to bring out the desired emotion.

Importance of Color on a Design

Leading brands like Coca-cola, Apple, Nike, and Google understand the use of color in promoting their brands. Some companies have also done well with monochromatic shades while others have succeeded in using multiple colors in the most appealing ways. However, other brands have flopped after making a sudden change in the colors used in their logos or websites. This means that color should be a major factor when planning to brand a business.

Different Colors and their Significance

Different colors evoke varied emotions and feelings among online viewers. This has made some colors more prominent in businesses than others. In fact, statistics show that 35% of Americans prefer color blue, 16% go for the green color, and purple color attracts 10% of business owners and red 9%. Therefore, you have to know which color works best if you want to influence your client’s emotions and prompt them into making a decision. Below are some of the common colors that people use in their designs and the emotions attached to them.

1. Red - the color is a representation of love, power, passion, warmth, aggression appetite, danger, desire. Companies like Coca-cola have utilized the color to the maximum on their logo placing them at the top in the beverage production industry.

2. Blue - it is popular with most government institutions and professional bodies. The color represents calmness, authority, integrity, professionalism, strength, and honesty. Think of big brands like Facebook, Samsung, and Barclays and you will find a blue color on their logo.

3. Purple - the color represents bravery, wealth, wisdom, spirituality, creativity, and luxury. You will find it in church and prominent homes as a representation of dignity and riches.

4. Brown - graphic designers will use this color to design products for outdoors or rural life. It also brings out a masculine effect on a design. The color represents the earth, resilience, humility, strength, and reliability.

5. Pink - this is a flirtatious color and a favorite for women and children brands. It implies femininity, fun, innocent, sensual, and gentle.

6. Green - most people are aware of this color’s influence on a brand. The environmentalists and food manufacturers use it quite often to signify natural, freshness, and growth. Financial institutions also utilize the ethical aspect brought out by the color.

7. Black - this is an intense color to use on your logo or any other place. It represents power, mystery, strength, authority, sophistication, and value. Brands like Nike have utilized this color on their logo, and it has stood the test of time for the extended period that they have been in the market.

8. White - the color signifies naivety, all business, pure and simple. Most brands combine it with another primary color for variation.

Choosing the Best Color

Other colors that are popular in designing include orange, grey, and yellow. You may choose a monochromatic feel on your brand if you intend to draw maximum attention to your brand. However, multiple colors also work for a brand that provides a wide range of products and services for example eBay and Google. You may also consider the impact of your color to a different target client if you are an international brand. Some colors may have negative connotations if used in other countries, hence the need to know their meaning.

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