These Dos and Don’ts for Logo Design Can Transform Your Brand’s Position

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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The importance of a logo design for any business is not unprecedented. It is the face of a company that communicates directly with the audience and lets them know about the company’s ideologies and objectives. 

Creating an impactful logo design for the successful branding of your business is, therefore, very crucial and, should be given serious consideration. 

As an experienced graphic design service agency, GraphicsZoo has provided custom logo design services to several small and medium businesses as well as startup ventures. And, we understand the basic nuances of graphic design elements which must be applied while creating the logos for a brand. 

So, in order to help and guide you with your company’s logo design techniques, we bring you some very important Dos and Don’ts that you should adhere to.

Logo design Dos

In order to have a successful business logo, do; 

- Conduct audience research: It is essential to spend adequate time in doing thorough research to understand what your target audience would appreciate. A successful logo design is that which could attract the audience in a jiffy.

- Keep it simple: That’s the two most important and common logo design tips that any professional graphic designer or design outsource agency would give you. Just like conducting audience research, it is important to keep your logo simple for the audience to comprehend. Unless you are too much into puzzles and quizzes, it’s highly advised to ensure simple to understand logo design for your brand. 

logo design do's and don'ts

- Ensure legibility: A logo is a combination of strategically picked graphics and typeface. It is understood to use fancy fonts to make your logo look different and stand out but, if the fonts used are too complicated for the audience to even read the brand name then it’s of no use; no matter how fancy the font is.

- Apply color psychology: Every color on the color wheel has a specific emotion attached to it. And a professional designer would understand these emotions and use them appropriately to work around the psychology of your target audience. Figure out which color shade matches the psychology of your brand and use it extensively for your logo design. 

Read more about color psychology in graphic design here. 

- Consider scalability: It is essential to understand that your company logo is one thing that would be used at almost every location you are using to market your brand. It could be your business card and the billboard on a highway. However, for both these locations, the size of your logo would be contrastingly different. Therefore, you need to ensure that the overall design of your logo is undeterred. 

- Keep variations: Just like in scalability, your logo could be used in several different circumstances with different backgrounds and lighting. So, it is important that you keep different variations of your logo design. Be sure to have vertical, horizontal, and square lockups. Sometimes you may need an icon for social media or a black version for an imprint.

logo design do's and don'ts

- Hire a professional: The importance of a brand logo cannot be emphasized any more than what we have already been discussing. It’s the identity of your business and simply cannot be compromised only to save a few bucks. It is always a good practice to hire a professional graphic designer or outsource graphic design services, especially, when getting your logo design made.

Logo design Don’ts

Along with all the Dos mentioned above, it is important that you don’t; 

- Overcrowd it with fonts: Too much of anything can spoil the entire recipe. The same goes for using the number of font styles in your logo. A good rule of thumb is to keep the fonts to two. 

- Blindly follow the trend: It can be highly lucrative to follow what’s trending and use those as elements to design your business logo. But, always remember that trends pass and something new comes up. If that happens, it won’t take long for your logo design to go “out of trend”. So, don’t simply follow what’s trending blindly. 

logo design do's and don'ts

- Change it annually: The logo associates with the identity of your brand and helps in establishing a strong brand recall value. If you keep on changing your logo design, even with small tweaks in color or font style, it won’t help you establish that recall value that you expect.

- Overwhelm it with colors: Just like with fonts, it is not a good idea to use too many colors in your logo. Not only will it interfere with the legibility of your logo but, will also make your overall logo design too overwhelming to even look at. Just don’t do it.

- Be too literal: So, just because you are into car washing services doesn’t mean you need to use a water hose pipe in your logo design. This would only make you look like any of your closest competitors. Be logical with what graphic or icon you use for your design and try to look different. 

- Copy the design: Continuing from the last point, taking inspiration from a highly successful competitor for your own brand’s logo design is one thing. But, it is not at all recommended that you blueprint the exact design. Not only is it illegal and unethical but, also it will only be going to destroy your brand’s reputation in the market.

logo design do's and don'ts

- Apply unnecessary spacing: Using whitespace or negative space in your designs is a good practice. However, that should not be done only for the sake of it. Consider ways to use spacing, composition, and negative space to your advantage. If you will leave a space empty and not put any imaginable thought into it, better not add space.

To conclude…

So, these were some very important Dos and Don’ts for a logo design that every business must adhere to. If you are looking for professional help with your brand’s logo design don’t wait anymore. Simply send us an email with your requirements at