Tips to Create Book Cover Design to Improve its Visibility

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but honestly, it is the book cover design which creates the first impression on the reader and, therefore, must be given great importance.

The very first thing a reader sees while purchasing a book, whether online or offline, is the cover of a book. The readers expect the book cover to convey a theme or a message about what to expect inside. If the cover design is engaging and intriguing enough, half of the sales effort is complete.

Ensuring a great book cover design is also important in today’s time when most purchases and reading is done online. Every book is represented by thumbnail images on digital platforms, and in order to get more sales, the cover image must be eye-catchy.

Increasing competition is also another major factor that strongly suggests that a great book cover design is of immense importance now and into the future. 

With the increasing number of books lately, what is the most important factor that makes a customer pick a book from the bookshelf? No doubt, it is the cover of a book. 

We all have observed that whenever we go to a bookstore to buy a book, we are automatically drawn towards the book that has a good and catchy cover.

We, however, understand that, unless you are a professional graphic designer, you won’t know the nuances to create an engaging book cover design. And, that’s why we have listed out some helpful tips to create your very own cover design for a book to help improve its visibility.

Start with the title

Wasn’t that expected!? The first part of your book cover which most readers tend to look at is the title of the book. So, you must ensure that the title of your book is properly highlighted using appropriate font style and size, as well as color shades.

book cover design

You should expect to have several books with similar titles, font styles, or color shades as your book since it will be placed on the same shelf. So you must make sure to create a cover design for your book which is unique, readable, and grabs the attention of your audience.

Also, since your book will be listed on digital platforms as well for sale, make sure your title is clear enough to be read properly even as a thumbnail image.

Utilize the genre of your book

One of the easiest tricks to choose the color scheme for your book cover is to stick with your book’s genre. Being able to successfully apply the essence of your book’s genre on to the cover design will do wonders in making your book stand out from the crowd and also attract your target audience.

Every book has a fixed genre, and each genre has its own design style which makes it easier for the users to browse and pick a book from their preferred genre. For example, the cover of a horror book will, and should, look scary or creepy in order to look like a horror book in order to attract your audience. 

book cover design

The use of fonts and colors, again, plays a key role in this. So, when searching for book cover design ideas, start by browsing other popular books in your genre. What colors, layouts, fonts, and graphic elements are common in that genre? Figure that out and apply.

Always create a unique book cover design that remains true to you and your book. But, do it within the larger framework of your genre’s design style.

Work on the contrast

While the title of a book is surely important, it is also crucial to ensure balanced use of color shades and placement of content throughout the coverage area. And, one of the key aspects to highlight the content of your book cover is the contrast of the colors used.

book cover design

Ideally, light to dark transition is recommended with strong shadows in order to create an impactful book cover design. You want the central object or character to really “pop” out, by being spotlighted and lighter in color (you can also do the reverse and have a very light cover, with a bold, dark central image). But you also want contrasting colors (colors that are opposites on a color wheel).

Don’t overdo it

Right! With all said and done, surely you need to make the book cover unique and intriguing, but in order to do so, you must not go overboard with the designing and make a mess out of it. Don’t overcrowd your book cover so much so that it creates confusion in the minds of the readers rather than giving out a clear message.

book cover design

Leave enough white space (a graphic design term meaning blank space without text or design elements) that will allow the important information you share to be easily visible. Your book’s title, your name, reviews, and the synopsis are all important. Keep your design uncluttered and readers will easily find them.


To sum it all up, some qualities of a good book cover design are:

    - A good and attractive title/ subtitle should be used in order to draw the potential reader’s attention towards the book.

    - It should communicate with the reader on an emotional level and must deliver the message about the quality of the book.

   - It must be unique. All books are different from each other; similarly, every book cover design should also be unique to make it different from other covers.

    - It should clearly give an idea of the genre of the book. Whether it is a horror story or a love story etc. 

    - It should tell the reader about the tone of the book; fiction, non-fiction, biography, etc.

The cover is the face of your book which communicates what your book is about. And if done right, it will play a key role in motivating people to look closer at your book; and eventually, buy it. If you want to inspire people to pick up your book over others, you have to create a book cover design that’s easy to read and visually appealing.

We understand that you are a great writer and maybe designing a good cover is something you do on your own or want to spend time on. GraphicsZoo has been helping publishers and authors in creating cover designs for their books to capture the attention of the right audiences. 

Connect with us today at to get your book cover design. And remember you can always get as many revisions as you need so you can be proud of the end product. We will work with you to make sure every detail is just right.