Tips to Successfully Launch Your E-commerce Website

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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"For e-commerce the most important thing is trust."

- Jack Ma

It is no secret that a majority of internet users are now spending a lot of time browsing e-commerce websites to make a purchase. And, with the current lockdown situation in place due to the coronavirus outbreak, online shopping has increased multi-folds.

Several companies, who earlier simply had a brick and mortar presence, are now foraying into the e-commerce space as well.

Starting an e-commerce business is hard work and demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time. If done correctly, an e-commerce business can be a great additional channel for your firm – no matter how big or small it is – to earn more income.

However, launching e-commerce is not as simple as we think it is.

So, if you are new to this field and planning to launch your e-commerce website, then you need to make sure of some important aspects. We have compiled the same for you in this article.

Finalize on the product type

This could be an easy step for those who already have an offline business running. But, if you are a new operator planning to launch your e-commerce website, you need to first decide on the type of product that you want to sell online.

Now, this may not seem like an important aspect to some of you, but you must understand that finalizing a product to sell online is very crucial.

You may be thinking about selling something online which has already been mastered by someone else and has captured the chunk of the market. Or maybe something which is no more in demand (doesn’t have an audience for the product).

So, you need to do thorough research about the product that you are planning to sell online.

e-commerce website design

Check out the competition. See what they are doing which makes them higher sellers. Go through the variations of your product that people may be looking to buy online. Figure out the loopholes in your competitors’ selling points and make those as your USPs.

Additionally, you would also need to figure out the logistics of your product. Getting your final product to your customers safe and sound and fulfilling their order is perhaps the most essential part of a successful online transaction.

While fixing up the logistics, you need to take into consideration the cost that you will have to bear for the transportation and packaging. So, make sure you are pricing your product appropriately so that neither you are going way above the market price nor way below to incur losses.

Make sure you are pretty thorough with your product details and whether it will be a good prospect for online selling. And, that’s why this is the first thing you need to work on. Your Product!

Work on the website design

So, now that you are through with your product detailing and everything around it, it’s time to start working on your e-commerce website design.

Your e-commerce website will be your online store where your potential customers would visit to check out the products that you have to offer them. But, remember that simply putting a list of useful products on a static page won’t help lure your customers. They’d be expecting a lot more from your online store.

By creating an e-commerce website, you have to provide an admirable experience to your visitors. Something that would hold them on to your website and motivates them to explore more.

Yes, we are talking about visual aesthetics, such as images and color schemes, but that’s not all.

e-commerce website design

You need to work on the overall user experience of the website by making sure that your website;

     - Is easy to navigate through.

     - Loads every page in less than 4 seconds.

     - Is SEO compliant.

     - Is mobile friendly and responsive.

     - Has all the necessary pages with information about you and your products. (‘About Us’ page, product description pages, etc.)

     - Has your contact information clearly accessible.

     - Has appropriate CTAs to lead the visitors to become customers.

     - Has a safe, reliable, and easy payment option.

Apart from these, you need to work on naming your e-commerce business (domain name) and make sure it is not already taken by any of your competitors. Also, you need to work on a creative and fresh logo design for your new online store.

The design of your website is something that’s always going to affect your online business. Fail to get the design right and users will be more likely to turn to your competitors.

Utilize social media favorably

There was a time – some 6-7 years back – when social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. were confined to social networking only. However, in the last few years, social media has become a prominent platform for doing effective online business.

People, now, are not using these channels for simply networking but also running their online business and selling their products online.

Now, it is not rocket science to understand that in order to reach your target audience you need to choose the sales channels where they are already present and doing their shopping. And, it is very much a known fact where most of the internet users spend their time online; social media!

These platforms are just the perfect place to promote your e-commerce website and communicate with your customers. Moreover, social media can help you take a glance into the lives of your customers and come up with new ideas for your online store.

e-commerce website design

It’s the basic Digital Marketing 101!

Major social media platforms have made it easier for e-commerce owners to run their online business on these channels. However, you can always take help from professional digital marketers to make sure you are making the best use of social media for your e-commerce business.

Social media can be used in several different manners to favor your online business, such as;

     - Simply promoting your e-commerce website and products.

     - Generate referral traffic onto your e-commerce website.

     - Get genuine reviews from customers to create trust.

     - Expand audience reach.

With respect to online business, social media can be a lethal tool to help boost your business in a short amount of time. You simply have to ensure that you are making the best use of it; strategically!

Don’t rush into launching

All said and done, it is imperative for every new e-commerce business owner to understand that rushing into launching your online store can destroy all the efforts you have put in so far.

Just because you think you are selling a product that is currently pretty high in demand, makes the launch of your e-commerce website urgent, then you can’t be more wrong in your approach.

Even after you have done all the research in finalizing the product you want to sell, the design of your e-commerce website, and the promotion tactics of your product, there’s still things left to be done before you go all out with your website launch.


e-commerce website design

You need to ensure that all the functionalities of your website are working just fine and there are no glitches. And, the best way to do it is by doing a test run of your website as a user.

You can create a demo user profile and go frenzy on your webpages. Make sure you don’t leave out any corner or functionality of your website.

You should test;

     - Your shopping cart.

     - Search bar and filters.

     - Payment process.

     - Loading speed of all your web pages.

     - All inbound and outbound links to your website.

     - Responsiveness of your website on different devices.

Please note that you need to do all the testing and checking before launching your website and promoting it on social media platforms. This might well be your only shot to have a successful e-commerce business, so make sure you are thorough with everything before going all guns blazing.

To conclude...

These were some of the tips that you can use and apply to your plan in launching an e-commerce website. GraphicsZoo has years of experience in providing assistance with e-commerce website designs. If you are looking to launch a new e-commerce website, and can’t figure out the ideal design for your e-commerce business, let us help you with it. Contact us at