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Useful Tips To Successfully Launch and Promote Your Health And Fitness Website

Useful Tips To Successfully Launch and Promote Your Health And Fitness Website

Having an official business website is one of the very first things that brands need to have when they start out afresh in the market. And, while creating a unique and successful website is an important step in this direction, launching the website and promoting it successfully is equally challenging and crucial. 

What’s the use of a well-designed website when people can’t even locate it in the first place; or are not even aware of its existence? 

Today, in this blog, we’ll share some very useful tips for brands that are into the health and fitness industry to successfully launch and promote their new website. 

Tips to launch a new health and fitness website

Pick your hosting platform

Having a solid hosting platform is like providing a strong spine to your website. There are a number of website hosting platforms available online that you can use to build your own website. Some of the most reliable and popular ones include;

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly, etc. 

Go through the pros and cons as well as services offered by these hosting platforms and pick the one that fits the bill perfectly for your website. 

For example, as a health and wellness website, yours will have a lot of blog-related content on it. So, pick a platform that is blog-friendly. 


Purchase your domain name 

health and fitness website tips

Next, you need to finalize your website’s name and make sure you purchase the domain name accordingly. 

Remember that you are not the first one to launch a health and wellness website. So, before launching your website, you need to ensure the desired domain name is available (not taken already) and, secure it by legally purchasing it.

A good practice in this regard is also to check that the same name is available to be used for any social platforms you plan to use.


Make sure you have the necessary licenses

Since you are getting into the field of health and wellness services, it is important that you obtain all the necessary licenses that are required for online operations. 

Familiarize yourself with the laws and licensing requirements in your state. You need to make sure that your business and any contractors you hire are fully licensed by the state you are in.


Be clear with your target segment

When launching a new website, another important thing to remember is the section of the audience you want to target. 

And, therefore, you need to be clear with your main objectives of launching the website. 

A health and fitness website can have a wide range of services to offer. So, it’s important to know what your own purpose is so you can construct a unique and custom health and fitness website design to achieve those goals and target a specific audience. 


Work on your brand guidelines

Another important step in launching a new website is ensuring that each and every design element of your website is in place; such as the color palette, font scheme, and image aesthetic.

And, for that, you need to create a brand style guide for your health and fitness website. 

A brand style guide will help you define;

  • The primary fonts (The happy number is usually two—one serif, one sans serif.)
  • The primary accent colors and how will they be used throughout the website’s design (links, buttons, etc.)
  • The type of imagery (Photography, graphic icons, or both?)

Your health and fitness website, and overall business branding, should be designed to reflect the particular feeling that your clients are looking to achieve by working with you.


Have a blog page in place

As mentioned as an example in one of the points earlier in this article, as a health and fitness website, blogs will be one of the prime content focus elements. 

Before launching your site, try to publish 4-6 blog posts that are representative of your health coaching work, your brand identity, what makes your services unique from other competitors, and how can your coaching help the users. 


Add reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials can prove to be great assets for the launch of your new website in terms of establishing credibility. 

Now, most of us don’t just have a stack of testimonials at the ready, so it’s time to solicit them from your most loyal clients. Send them a time-saving link, include a promo, up their loyalty points – do whatever it takes to encourage them to give a glowing review to share on your website. The more varied they are, the better your business is represented.

The testimonials on your website will help you establish legitimacy and are sure to impress a whole new crowd of clients!


Tips to promote your health and fitness website

Content marketing

Another direct benefit of having a blog page on your website is that it helps dearly with your promotion efforts. 

Getting high rankings in the Google search results is the key to success in online business these days. 

Google wants to see genuinely useful content full of solid information. Therefore, you require useful advice, tips, and more related content in your niche on a regular basis to promote your website.


Social media marketing

Another very useful mode of promoting your newly launched website is through social media marketing. 

Irrespective of the demography your business is targeting, your customers are there on all big social media platforms; such as, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. 

In order to promote your new website, you can (should) post regularly about your products, link to related news, link back to your website (when you post a new blog entry, for example), videos, comments on trends, and even personal stories. Let people get to know you and your company. It’ll speed up the process of them coming to know, like, and trust you.

Make sure you post regularly and engage with your customers through comments. And comment on the pages of other companies and organizations in your niche too. 

Start a conversation!


Email marketing

Email marketing is another useful tool to promote and improve traffic on your website. 

You can share the latest company updates, and news through well-designed newsletters and send it across to a targeted list of consumers. 

Study the timings when the open rate and click-through rate of your emails are the highest and schedule your email list accordingly. 


Paid Marketing

Paid marketing, or PPC, is one promotional method that allows you to spread the word faster. 

With pay-per-click ads you sign up through a search engine – Google has the biggest reach – and write very short text ads that appear on the search results page. In addition to that, your ads also appear on the websites of people, known as publishers, who have signed up through Google AdSense.

When people are searching for health information related to your specific niche, your ads pop up. You pay every time somebody clicks on the ad.


Offline marketing

The offline promotion of your newly launched website largely includes print promotions in the form of brochures, flyers, billboards, and business cards. 

You can, also, work your way around word of mouth marketing, which again can prove to be an effective way to promote your new website. 

To conclude…

Promoting your brand and website is a continuous process and you can’t hold it at any point. However, with the launch of your new health and fitness website, it is important that every crucial element is in place before you go live. 

If you are in need of professional support and advice with your new website, we can help. Get in touch to speak to our advisor today, at