What Happens When You Register With GraphicsZoo - Design Process Explained

What Happens When You Register With GraphicsZoo - Design Process Explained

Lately, graphic design outsourcing has become one of the most preferred options, especially, by small business owners.

This is largely due to the fact that when they outsource graphic design services to professional agencies they ensure that their design work is of top-notch quality and achieves the desired goal; which is usually to attract and engage the target audience.

GraphicsZoo is one such design agency that has been helping businesses to scale up their marketing and branding approach through professional and efficient graphic designs.

With a team of highly experienced and qualified designers, GraphicsZoo offers a wide range of graphic design services to its clients.

This includes, but not limited to;

-Logo design

-Website design

-Social media design

-Print design

-Mobile design

-Merchandise design; and more.

But, that’s not just all why you should register with GraphicsZoo and take graphic design services from us.

Here are several other strong reasons to do so;

Time efficiency

With a large team of skilled designers, we start working on your projects from the word go. This helps us meet your timeline expectations by reducing the turnaround time. You get your first design draft in just 24 hours of your request submission.

Design quality

At GraphicsZoo, we always chase for quality and not quantity. Our design team comprises of professionals who are experts in several different forms of graphic design. So, you can always keep your hopes high with us.

Clear communication

We believe in keeping clear and continuous communication at every stage of your design project. We assign a dedicated project manager for you who will keep you updated with the latest information on your project.

Simplified design management

With GraphicsZoo, you don’t really have to look anywhere else with your design project management. As a registered account member, you get the options to save, edit, and share all your designs from one single location. You can even add team members to discuss your designs.

Unlimited design revisions

Graphic design is very subjective and can have different points of opinion. So, we make sure you get exactly the kind of design that you desire by providing unlimited design revisions. Simply mark the changes on the design and let our designers do it for you.

24*7 customer support

At GraphicsZoo, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and we go to lengths to ensure it. If you have any query regarding our services or any technical glitch you may be facing with your account, you can expect us to hear your concerns with a 24*7 active support system.

We hope these reasons suffice to convince you why you shouldregister with GraphicsZoo and outsource graphic design services to us.

Now, when you begin the sign-up process, you are first required to choose the plan as per your requirements.

GraphicsZoo takes pride in offering some of the most affordable graphic design services plans for our customers. You can choose from a wide range of design plans; such as,

-Business Plan ($349)

-Agency Plan ($849)

-Business Unlimited Plan ($449)

-Annual Business Plan ($3560)

-Annual Agency Plan ($8860)

To get more clarity on which plan would be the best fit for your business setup, speak to our design advisor today at support@graphicszoo.com

Once you have finalized the best-fit plan for your business, it’s time to quickly fill in some details (Name, email address, password, etc.) and complete the payment to finish the registration process.

And that’s it; you have successfully registered a personal account with GraphicsZoo.

Now, we get a lot of queries from interested customers who like to understand how the entire design process works; once they register with GraphicsZoo.

So, in this blog, we are going to explain the same in the most comprehensible manner.  

For the uninitiated, here’s what happens when you register with GraphicsZoo;

The design process at GraphicsZoo is simple.

register with graphicszoo

Once you have created an account with GraphicsZoo, you can start with your design requests/projects in your account.

Step 1: You start your project request by selecting the ‘Create Project’ tab on the home screen of your account.

register with graphicszoo

Step 2: Select the type of design category as well as a sub-category of your project from the drop-down menu. So let’s say you want to get a logo design done for your brand then you need to select the category ‘Logo & Brand’ and sub-category ‘Logo’.

Step 3: Enter all the details about your logo design project which you want to share with the designer and your project manager. This would include your project’s name (title), the dimension you want the logo in, any text you want to go on the logo design, a brief about your product/services and target audience, as well as any other additional information you want to share.

Step 4: Now you get to select the colors which you want the designer to stick to when designing your brand logo. You can also choose to leave it to the designer’s choice. Also, select the file type in which you’d like to receive your logo design (.psd, .jpeg, .png, etc.)

Step 5: You then add any reference image in the project information page which you want the designer to follow and keep in mind while creating your logo design. Once done, simply click on ‘Submit’.

Once you click on the ‘Submit’ button, your project goes live which you can see on your homepage. A designer is then assigned to your project who starts working on your project, as well as the project manager who’d be in constant touch with you about any updates on your project.

The first cut draft of your design is shared in 24hours.

Our clients have the unique flexibility of unlimited revisions for their design work. If they are not happy with the first draft, they can always recommend edits directly to the designer and they’ll ensure the design is done exactly in the way the client wants.

To conclude…

GraphicsZoo may not be the biggest design agency but, we certainly are one of the most passionate teams of professionals.Our clients vouch for our quality of work and honesty toward all our projects. 

Join our wide family of 1700+ clients across the country and get started with unique and custom graphic designs for your business.Register with GraphicsZoo today. 

For more information, speak with our expert advisor at support@graphiczoo.co