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What You Need To Design Your Online Merchandise Store - Design Checklist

What You Need To Design Your Online Merchandise Store - Design Checklist

The ways of shopping and purchasing products have swiftly shifted to the digital space in the last decade. Today, the majority of shoppers – from all age groups, demographics, etc. – are making their purchase on some, or the other, online store. 

So, if you too have a merchandising business of your own (or planning to launch one soon) it’s high time you build a solid digital footprint, with a well-designed online merchandise store. 

Now, of course, there are ample free e-commerce design templates available online which you may use to create your online merchandise store. However, in order to make a niche for your merchandise brand, it needs to have a unique layout which is possible only through a custom website design work. 

As an experienced graphic design service agency, we’ve helped several small business owners in designing their own unique websites for e-commerce. And, today, we’re going to share with you some of the most essential things one needs to design a unique online merchandise store. 

Consider this as an e-commerce design starter pack for creating an online merchandise store.

So, let’s see what these essential commodities are.

Attractive product images

One of the very first things that you need to have for your e-commerce platform is a set of well-clicked product images. 

It is essential to understand that once you start receiving traffic on your online store, it is these images that would help attract and engage your audience. 

All your product images must be of high quality such that even when a user enlarges them, they don’t get pixilated. Additionally, all the images should be optimized for SEO purposes (using alt texts) as well as be compressed in order to avoid longer page-loading time.

All the necessary information

So, let’s say a user saw your ad or post on one of the social media platforms and clicked on it to learn more about your brand and the products on offer. Now, when that user arrives at your online store they would want to get all the necessary information there is to know about your brand and the products. 

Therefore, it is necessary that you have detailed content available on your website; such as an About Us page or an FAQ page

Along with these, every product listed on your online merchandise store must have a dedicated page or description about it for the ease of understanding of the users.

Secure payment options

As an e-commerce business, your objective should be to make everything as simple as possible for the users when they are on your online store. Providing safe and simple payment options is definitely a crucial part of that experience. 

Make several payment options available, with reputable badges, so customers can choose which one they’re most comfortable with. The more payment options you provide the better. 

A common payment method is via credit or debit card. But you can integrate any other reliable and trusted third-party payment gateways; such as PayPal or Amazon Pay. 

During the process, consider saving as much information as possible for repeat customers, so they don’t have to fill in their personal and delivery details every time. 

Additionally, you can offer space to type in promotional codes.

Reliable order tracking system

One of the most effective ways to win your customers’ trust and making them convert into loyal, repeating customers is by providing them with solid post-sale services. Having a reliable order tracking system in place is one way to do it. 

Once a user has made a purchase from your online merchandise store, they’d want to keep a track of the delivery progress. 

Providing them with regular updates via email or sharing a live tracking link can prove to be highly effective in creating trust.

Testimonials and Reviews

Having enough trust elements on a website is one of the website UX designs 101. Users visiting your online store would feel safer and find your brands more genuine when they see other users talking about your brand. 

Use customer testimonials and reviews for not only your online store as a brand but, also for individual products. 

Reading reviews about a product listed on your online store will give more insight to the users and will help push them further down in the purchase funnel.

24*7 customer support

Talking about post-sale service, there’s another very important aspect that helps to generate trust within the users visiting your online merchandise store. It’s the presence of customer support; all day. 

Irrespective of all the details provided by you through descriptions on the product page, About Us page, or FAQ section, there may still be several queries that a user may have when they visit your store. 

So, it is imperative that you have a solid customer support team in place who can answer any and every type of query that a consumer may have regarding your products or using your online store. 

You can place a live chat option that shows the support team what the customer is looking at. 

Additionally, you can provide a direct toll-free number and email ID where the customers can contact you in case of any query. 

A quick contact form or feedback form is also a good option that can be used for this purpose. 

A professional design team

Finally, but definitely equally essential, is to have a professional team looking after the entire design project. 

In order to ensure a great user experience, the user interface has to be top-notch. And, for that, it is always recommended to have trained graphic designers who have the skills to manage such large projects. 

A professional designer would know all the basic elements and principles of design that need to be applied for designing a unique online merchandise store. 

They’d know the technique and follow a common brand style guide in order to create consistency in your e-commerce platform design. 

Outsourcing your project to a professional design team will not only ensure absolute great design but, will also save you a lot of time and money.

To conclude…

Let us help you get your online merchandise store up and running in no time. Discuss more on this with our advisors at