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Why do You Need a Professional WordPress Design for Your Business?

Why do You Need a Professional WordPress Design for Your Business?

Before we begin with our discussion for today about the need to have a professional WordPress design for your business website, let’s just clear one common misconception out of the way;

WordPress is not just meant for startup or small businesses.

So, if you have been fighting over the idea of hosting your website on WordPress, you just got a winner!

Today, roughly 30% of all websites live on the internet are powered by WordPress; including some of the big names such as TechCrunch, Microsoft, Facebook News, Vogue, MTV, and more.

But when you look at those websites, you won’t see any similarities between them; each has its own design layout.

How can that happen, given that all of them are hosted on a similar platform?

The answer is "THEME DESIGN!"

Yes, simply hosting your website on one of the most popular and widely used hosting platforms is not a guarantee for the success of your business online. You still need to do a lot of work on the overall structure of your website design. 

It needs to look professional while reflecting the essence of what your business is.

And it all starts with working on the design of your WordPress website.

Let’s look into some very prominent reasons why you need a professional WordPress design for your business.

Distinguishing from the competition

professional WordPress design

As highlighted earlier in this article, millions of small and big enterprises use WordPress platform to host their website. And, while WordPress offers a string of website themes to apply, it is not guaranteed that the one you pick for your business website is not used by any other business already.

Chances are, there might be several others using the same website theme design as the one you chose.

You don’t really want to be in a situation where after a point of time you realize that you are simply a replica of one of your competitors, and your audience is getting diverted to their platform.

Inducing audience attraction

professional WordPress design

Taking it up from where we left off in the previous point, having a professional WordPress design for your business website is crucial to attracting new audiences as well; while retaining the existing audience.

The design of your website is nothing short of brand recognition. The colors, the font style, the icons and their placement on the webpage, all of these combine to provide a unique user interface and experience.

Check out this article on the Importance of UI/UX design for a website to know more about UI/UX design. 

Do you remember the last website that you came across that looked stunning? Almost nothing like anything you had ever seen online?

Of course, you remember. And you remember it because the design was strikingly different.

The design of your WordPress website needs to stand out and engage your target audience in order to achieve the set goals.

Needs to be responsive

professional WordPress design

We can’t stress enough on the fact that a large number of internet users globally are accessing websites on their mobile.

Millions of people surf the internet (if that phrase is still in use!) through their smartphones to read blogs, do an online purchase, watch videos, etc.

This clearly shows that your website needs to be responsive in nature, which means, all the elements of your website design must look similar on every kind of electronic device; such as laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

And, in order to make that happen, you need a professional website designer to work on the WordPress theme design for your business.


Change is inevitable

professional WordPress design

When you create a website, you need to ensure that you are making it while keeping in mind the future expansion of your business.

So, let’s say you started a business with an exclusive female product line. However, with time and popularity of your business, you decide to introduce a new men’s line of products as well.

Now, if your website theme design is aligned with feminine shades, that would not attract or communicate well with your new target audience; male. You’d need to update your design and would anyway require a professional website designer’s help.

And this is just one of the many things which you might need to change or update and would require professional support for.

    - You’d need to stay in sync with the latest website design trends.

    - You’d need to make your website SEO friendly.

    - You’d need to execute A/B testing with your design elements.

    - You’d need to add new features or remove dormant ones.

Wordpress caters to millions of website owners, so getting a dedicated and timely response from their support team could be a challenge.

Hiring a professional WordPress theme designer for your business can help a lot in scaling your operations. If you are looking for a professional WordPress design for your business, connect with GraphicsZoo at support@graphicszoo.com today.