10 Banner Ad Design Tips To Get More Clicks

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Banner ads pull customers to your business and drive in profit with just a click. However, there are rules that make banner ads effective. 

Generally, banner ads should catch the attention of consumers almost instantaneously. 

Did you know that you only have 7 seconds or less to get the attention of your customers?

Getting people’s attention is a war you want to win if you want your business to succeed. The banner ads are your battlefield. 

So how do you win? 

Well, the best banner ads are well-designed. But you’re in luck. 

In this article, we’ll give you ideas on what you should put on your banner ads and how to design them step-by-step.


Set a goal

Before making a banner ad, you should set a goal on what you intend your ad to do. Do you want people to do something for your business? Do you want to inform them about your products and services?

Along with making a clear intention, setting your goal should also be focused. Since banner ads are limited in terms of size and format, you wouldn’t be able to fit all of your business info or all of the products and services you offer in just one ad. For banner ads, you should specify on what product or service you want that specific ad to sell.


Determine your target market

Now that you have an idea of what you want your ad to do for your business, you now need to determine how you’re going to communicate this goal to your target market or your potential customers. 

If your audience is young, for example, the ad should exude youthfulness with vibrant colors and pretty pictures. If your audience is more on the mature side, however, you should make it look more professional with a simple design that is elegant and easy to the eyes. Having an idea on a specific target market helps narrow down your ad’s design direction and helps you visualize what you want your final ad to look like.


Pick the right space for your ad

Great, you now have a general idea of the concept of your ad. Now let’s work on the ad itself by picking the right space for your ad. Banner ads are essentially ads that are placed on different locations on certain websites. Websites also have different layouts and they differ in the kinds of spaces they leave for ads.

The best spaces for banner ads are the ones that are above the line or near the content of the webpage. Your ad should be one of the first things that readers should see when they open a website, so don’t place them at the end or at the bottom of the page.


Choose the right ad size dimensions

Now that you have the space for your ad, the next thing to do is to find the right banner ad size. For reference, these are the top-performing ad sizes according to Google AdSense:

  • Medium rectangle: 300x250
  • Large rectangle: 336x280
  • Leaderboard: 728x90
  • Half page: 300x600

Depending on the space, this will let you know the exact size of the ad you need to work on. This will also give you an idea on how to layout your ad design.

With those 4 tips above, you now have technical knowledge and direction to start your design. The next steps will guide you in the creative process of designing your banner ad.



Layout basically involves knowing how to properly organize the contents inside your banner ad, like the placement of visuals and text. 

For a natural flow, the layout should have a visual hierarchy. This means placing the most important details on your ad before any supporting details or content. Images can be put first to catch people’s attention. With copy, the most important text or the headline should come first with the subtext right after it.



Choosing the right color for your banner ad will surely grab the attention of your customers. Color can manipulate people’s emotions, give your business a branding style, and help you stand out.



The visual can be the star of your banner ad’s design. It gives your customers an idea about what your business is and what you offer in just one glance. Your ad’s visuals can be actual photographs or creative graphics. Either way, a good visual complements the copy of your ad. Depending on how you want to layout your ad, they can also be either the subject of the ad or its background.

If you have no experience in taking professional photographs or making high-quality graphics, it’s a good idea to invest in hiring photographers or graphic designers for your business. In the long run, these creatives are essential in strengthening your brand marketing.



Typography is basically how you design the text in your banner ad. This involves proper font pairing and choosing the right colors. Generally, sans serif and serif font combinations are ideal as their simplicity makes them more readable. Script fonts, on the other hand, are harder to interpret at first glance.


Write a great copy

The copy is the text within the banner ad. While complimenting the visual, the copy is also a more straightforward way of communicating to your audience, encouraging them to avail the products or services that you offer.

Due to the limited space in banner ads, the copy should be short, simple, and direct to the point. They are usually written in two sentences max.

To get people’s attention, your copy can ask a question, pose a problem, or better yet, offer a solution.


Put a call-to-action (CTA)

After designing a great looking banner ad and writing the perfect copy, what now? The next step is coming up with a proper call-to-action for your ad. A call-to-action tells consumers the desired action that you want them to do for your business, making it the most important part of the ad! These usually come in forms like “Buy now!” or “Click here!”. CTAs can make consumers click the ad (conversion) or retain info stated in the ad (awareness).

Now we’ve got the essentials in banner ad design covered, here are 3 more tips that will help your ad get more clicks:


Add a button

You can further direct more attention to your banner ad’s call-to-action by putting it inside a “button.” Here’s the fun part: the button doesn’t have to actually work! Putting the CTA inside a shape (rectangle, oval, etc) instantly makes it look like a button. Since they’re made to be pressed, having a “button” encourages consumers to click on your ad more. 



Animated or moving ads (like GIFs) are more attention-grabbing than static ads. They can be in the form of videos or motion graphics. These ads are harder to pull off, but they don’t have to be over the top! You can even just make the button we mentioned earlier flash so the consumers could notice it more.


Export in the right file size and file format

You’re done with designing! The last tip for an effective banner ad is saving it in the best image exporting formats. First, your ad should be in 150 KB file size or smaller. Having it in a small file size helps the website load your ad faster. Conversely, websites take more time loading huge file sizes, making the audience scroll past them without even seeing them in full—or even at all.

Second, your ad’s file format should be in JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5. Exporting your ad in other formats would render it unsupported by most websites.


To conclude…

Coming up with perfect banner ad designs play a huge role in driving in new customers to your business. If you’re looking for professional designers that have the expertise to make the perfect banner ads for your brand, send us an email at support@graphicszoo.com.