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Graphics Zoo has been amazing to work with for my graphic design needs. They are fast and the designs are always on point. They do a great job following directions I provide, and the design queue makes it easy for me to prioritize all my design jobs needed. Their service has become an invaluable resource for my company!

Patrick Black

President/CEO, Perfect Imprints

Shea Bramer

Marketing Coordinator, Western Rockies


We are a small marketing team for a large financial company and new growth in the company meant that the graphic design workload was becoming overwhelming for our team. Graphicszoo created an easy way for us to keep up with the workload as our company continues to grow. They pay close attention to our branding, and are very detail oriented (as I can be quite demanding). The work they provide for us is always very high quality and I always get what I'm asking for. Their prices are also very competitive. We highly suggest this company!


Skylar Domine

Goat Grass Co


I've been through dozens of design teams and none of which ever checked off all the boxes- price, turnaround time, consistency, and accuracy. I'm actually 'wowed' by this company and will have my loyalty for years to come from my circle. Highly recommend to anyone looking for design work. If you can visualize it then they can create it!


Nathan Leathers

Owner - Green Gaurd, Printing and Apparel


Had another competitor prior to this, and within 3 days Graphics Zoo has far exceeded any level of service I had with the previous competitor in 2 years. They are very responsive and so far fast and solid production of content!


Thomas Elliott Fite

Focal Shift


Pretty impressed! Been with them for several months now and we've finally found our work flow with them! Great job GZ and keep up the great work!


Scott Levesque

Be Free Clothing Company


Great designs, quick turnaround and awesome to work with. Thank you.


Timothy Galon

The LunchBox Digital Solutions


I am so glad I found Graphics Zoo. Prior to signing up with you guys, I was struggling to find a decent designer and had to re-teach my business model each time I found someone. With you guys, I feel like I have my own personal in-house design team and no longer have to re-invent the wheel every single time I need a new design done.


Steve Smith

T-Print Services


My team at Graphics Zoo is amazing! Running a t-shirt business is not so easy, but my designer is so good at giving me new creative designs every day. I have seen a huge jump in numbers, because now I am able to produce new t-shirt designs daily!


May Goodwin

Goodwin Agency


Graphics Zoo is the best! I highly recommend this company to all marketing agencies. My team, which includes my account manager and designer, is so good at turning around all my various design requests in time and with super high quality options. I love this team!


Greyson Chance



Graphics Zoo is the way to go.. enough said!


Susan Haley



From start to finish, Graphics Zoo has helped me tremendously with my start-up. I say start to finish, because I have designed my website template with them, all my sub-pages, all my product designs, and now every day we update and create new ads! I can't believe just 1 company has so much to offer. Best deal ever.


Joseph W

3 Hours Ago


Graphics Zoo is an incredible service, they have a dedicated team that will work tirelessly to make sure you are please with the designs! Their diverse team of designers allow for multiple styles, and unique artwork that is limited with a traditional graphic designer. With Graphic Zoo, we are able to have all of our designs completed at our leisure, without carrying the salary of a full time or freelance designer.


Jody Maberry

3 Hours Ago


Graphics Zoo has been helpful, responsive, and easy to work with.


Dawn McManamy Lemons

Impact Branding Unlimited


We got off to a rocky start - but they worked with my to get the right designer for what I needed. Had a great experience after that. For the price, a great service.


April Barnard

Marketing With April


I have always received good service from this company. For the price, you receive one graphic a day. They do offer you multi-reversion which makes it nice, when you have a difficult client.


Erric Liddic

On The Go Prints


We use graphics zoo for some of our small yet often time consuming work like cropping images, basic print layout, and vector converting. It's been a great value for our us!

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