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Luna Ink is a screen printing and embroidery shop based in Palm Desert, CA. The company mainly focuses on four key services: screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, and large format printing. These services allow them to make everything from company t-shirts to customized coffee mugs to even decal designs and menus.

Their services target small, medium, and large companies and other clients who have a need to build their brand or satisfy their need for customized products. They work on projects large or small that include corporate branded items or a specially embroidered jacket.

The Challenges

To achieve their goal of helping businesses build their brand through things such as coffee mugs or caps, a small company such as Lunar Ink has two options. They can choose to have an in-house graphics design team to work on client requests. This is likely to be a large investment for a small shop.

They can also work with another firm with the expertise in graphic design work. This is a more reasonable option, providing cost savings to the company while meeting the company’s goals.

The goals are the same: pay attention to what clients want and deliver on the promise of satisfying their customers, all within a reasonable turnaround time.

Luna Ink chose to work with another company. They chose to partner with Graphics Zoo.

The Solution

GraphicsZoo’s team of graphic design experts are able to deliver on Luna Ink’s promise to satisfy customers through visual designs that help build their brand. This is especially if a client wants help with things such as company logos or designs for t-shirt prints. They aim to do so with quality and responsiveness to what customers want.

David [surname], owner of Luna Ink, says that as a small shop, they used to get bogged down with client requests, but since reaching out to GraphicsZoo, they have had nothing but great results.


Luna Ink has been able to improve workflow processes by collaborating with GraphicsZoo. They have been able to deliver on client requests with reasonably fast turnaround times. By saving money on in-house resources, they are able to provide services their clients can afford while being responsive to their customers’ needs.

Before working with GraphicsZoo, Luna Ink served around [number] of customers in a month. Since then, their business has increased to around [number] of customers a month. This is why Luna Ink heartily recommends GraphicsZoo for anyone who wants to satisfy their customers’ needs for quality graphics work.

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