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When it comes to running a successful business, one crucial aspect of company growth is being able to locate, secure, and nurture customer leads. This is certainly the case for the e-commerce industry, as you’ll be dealing with a lot of competition and a constant growing emphasis on innovation and modernization. There are indeed a variety of ways one can grow a business, and one of those methods is to outsource certain parts of your business process to another company/agency in order to lessen the risks and improve the odds of success in your business. That leads us to Desi Saran and his partnership with GraphicsZoo.


Desi Saran is a successful businessman primarily involved in the e-commerce space. With years of entrepreneurship experience under his belt and the passion to deliver only the best to his consumers, he was able to transform his business ideas into successful e-commerce powerhouses. For the purposes of this study, we will follow 2 of his businesses: Brandswaggin’, a web/consulting service company, and Alva Fitness, a clothing/health and wellness brand.

Customers generally use Brandswaggin’ for website development and graphic design, while Alva offers Desi’s clientele a selection of unique sportswear and branded athletic merchandise. Desi knew that setting up shop in the e-commerce industry would bring its fair share of challenges.

The Challenge

Brandswaggin’ and Alva Fitness are both fresh concepts, promising, and have infinite potential to succeed. Despite the quality of services that both companies brought to the table, they encountered unique challenges that would hinder their growth in the e-commerce space.

Brandswaggin’ encountered challenges with lead generation, and was unable to fully capitalize on their potential leads because of a lack of proper platform utilization. Alva, on the other hand, struggled with growth and with getting their name out there because of budget restraints, as fitness brands tend to incur expensive costs with the use of advertisements and affiliate marketing with athletes. Desi realized that a lot of the problems that both businesses encountered are focused on generating more leads that ultimately would lead to company growth, however the growth was slow because of limitations to platform utilization and effective marketing and promotions.

“We couldn’t service as many people with Brandswaggin’, since we didn’t have qualified leads outside of Wix. As for Alva, we struggled with sales since we were such a small brand back then, and companies like Alva needed a ton of money to dump in to spend on ads and work with bigger athletes”, says Desi Saran.

Desi realized that in order to overcome these challenges, he needed to build a sales process on other platforms, and hire the right people for these particular platforms in order to fully utilize each avenue of lead generation. He also saw the potential in finding the right people to work with for Alva Fitness, and the need to start expanding with micro athletes and influencers. While he started to work on these long-term solutions for company growth, he needed someone else to hold the line and alleviate the other parts of his business process that took up too much of his team’s time. He needed a company like GraphicsZoo.

The Solution

Desi Saran and his team found GraphicsZoo through Google as they were researching top graphic design agencies. They realized that in order to fully maximize their team’s energies, time, and resources, they needed a creative team of designers to handle what is perhaps one of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of any business: graphic design for digital marketing and effective branding.

They reached out to GraphicsZoo, and were immediately given access to a dedicated team of designers led by one of GraphicsZoo’s hands-on Account Managers. From then on, GraphicsZoo went to work, designing projects for Desi that he and his team were able to use for Brandswaggin’ and Alva’s marketing and branding campaigns.

GraphicsZoo has given us high-quality social media content, ads, and apparel designs. On the apparel side, we’ve been able to offer high-quality, professional-looking apparel for Alva. We work with lots of teams and gyms, where we build branded merchandise collections with them. They all love the designs we provide and we feel that GraphicsZoo has truly established the right blend of branding and marketing for us.

explains Desi Saran on his partnership with GraphicsZoo’s design team.

Indeed, Desi found the solution to his problems with the Zoo’s services. He found out that by utilizing GraphicsZoo’s design process and 1-2 day workaround time, he could scale up both his businesses and come up with fresh products on a daily basis. GraphicsZoo also gave him the opportunity to have unlimited revisions, ensuring that his requested projects are always up to his liking. He also found out that GraphicsZoo was able to provide fresh graphics for a lot of his web agency clients, and so he managed to save precious time, effort, and resources there as well.

The Solution

Because of the steady and consistent partnership between Desi Saran and GraphicsZoo, both companies Brandswaggin’ and Alva Fitness have managed to secure a better footing in their industry, and have developed a branding sense that rivals those of larger brands. GraphicsZoo has provided amazing apparel designs and social media marketing posts for Desi and his team, and Desi is proud to say that the team at the Zoo have found the iconic style that he wanted to incorporate into his business’ products and services.

“To be honest, I know how expensive freelance artists can be, so it’s safe to say that we’ve probably saved thousands of dollars by now through working with GraphicsZoo. We’ve grown so much as a brand since working with GraphicsZoo”, says Desi Saran, capitalizing on the amount of resources, time, and effort he and his team are able to save and place elsewhere just because their creatives are being handled by experts and professionals.

Our clients enjoy all the high-quality graphics and logo redesigns. So far, all of our graphics-related clients are truly pleased with the work that GraphicsZoo puts out. I’m thoroughly impressed and I highly recommend GraphicsZoo to anyone who wants to lessen the workload and have enhanced branding and marketing across the board.

-Desi Saran, owner and founder of Brandswaggin’ and Alva Fitness

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