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A2Z Consultants, LLC is a consultancy firm based in Louisiana, U.S.A. They specialize in helping everyday people save money that they normally thought they wouldn't save, by making sure their clients get the most out of their tax credits. Providing a more niche service and setting up shop as a smaller-scale consultancy business, A2Z Consultants sports a small but growing team of tax consultants and experts, and they are led by Senior Tax Consultant and business owner, Jason Ambeau. With Jason and his relatively small team, handling multiple clients at a time can be a daunting task, and because their expertise lies mainly in the realm of taxes and accounting, they sometimes have had trouble coming up with proper marketing that could potentially help their company's message reach more people. Thankfully, Jason managed to partner up with graphics design company GraphicsZoo, leaving the brunt of the marketing in very capable hands.


Jason Ambeau is A2Z's Senior Tax Consultant and owner. With over 25 years of experience in helping businesses grow and stay profitable, as well as being a Vice President in several retail and banking companies, Jason's passion for helping ignited a flame that led to the creation of A2Z Consultants.

He started A2Z Consultants because he noticed a prevailing problem in the corporate world, that when it came down to securing reliable assistance with confusing tax credits, large businesses could typically afford to pay high, six-figure fees towards large-scale taxation firms, translating in massive

savings every fiscal year. However, small business owners who far outnumber large businesses in the United States get locked out and have little to no knowledge or means of assistance to help them with their tax credits.

Being a long-time Louisiana resident and native, Jason took notice of the many various business in and around his area, and realized that not a lot of business owners probably know about the possibilities of qualifying for additional tax credits. As a highly experienced tax consultant himself, he knew that there are specific IRS incentives when it comes to one's business, incentives that a lot of CPAs aren't wary or concerned about. Because of this, he designed A2Z Consultants to focus on that particular service: discovering unused tax credits to claim rebates that small business owners may not be aware of.

The Problem

Running a small team of hyper-focused taxation experts can at times lead to a diminished focus on other things needed to run a tax consultancy business. One of those is the need to attract the attention of more customers. Because doing your taxes can be one of the most stressful and albeit boring tasks literally anyone can do, it can be a challenge to create the proper marketing tools to ensure your potential clients will want to engage in your services. And with Jason and his team intensely hard at work on the consultancy side of things, Jason needed to find a partner that he could rely on, a partner that could come up with great graphic designs at a moment's notice, to help his business become more engaging and relatable to the average consumer.

The Solution

GraphicsZoo came at just the right moment for Jason and his team of consultants, offering up incredibly effective designs for A2Z's marketing campaigns. Jason even used GraphicsZoo's unlimited design package plans to get assistance with the cover of his newly published book, showcasing just how much things you can get done through a partnership with GraphicsZoo.

"Yeah, so as a small business owner, I've used GraphicsZoo because I have a hard time drawing a circle and a square, quite frankly, and so I need all the help I can get. I don't have a massive team behind me of design folk to put things together so they help me with my Facebook banners, with my overall color theme and theme of all of my marketing, as well as recently my book, they did my cover and the back cover of my book. Terrific job on that."
-Jason Ambeau on GraphicsZoo's contribution to A2Z Consultants

What Jason really loved about GraphicsZoo though, and what makes their services different and better than other design companies and freelancers out there, is the company's dedication to client feedback.

The greatest result they've produced for me is there's a lot of feedback, there's a lot of back and forth in the chat. They're super responsive, so like they'll send a design, and then i'll send some feedback, they send a design, I send some feedback, and it's super responsive.

-Jason Ambeau on GraphicsZoo's best quality as a graphic design company

Their relationship truly showed Jason how well a reliable company like GraphicsZoo could perform for clients like him, noting that the company does not just dish out excellent designs and ideas, but also that the company loves to engage with its clients to offer the best customer service money can buy, at very affordable rates.

The Solution

Nowadays, Jason and his company A2Z Tax Consultants have claimed over 1000 rebates for over 50 clients across the state, saving over 100,000 dollars for each of these small business owners. Jason admits that by partnering up with GraphicsZoo, he was able to better achieve his goals with his clients because he didn't need to worry anymore about spending too much money for freelancers to do his marketing and graphic designs for him.

I think they are a tremendous organization, they do a fantastic job. I highly recommend them if you don't have those resources behind you. You can pay somebody in another country 75$ to do something for you without revisions, and without the communication level, and without the level of expertise."

-Jason Ambeau on saving money with GraphicsZoo

Finally, Jason leaves us with a noteworthy piece of advise on behalf of his partnership with GraphicsZoo,
"Look, just trust me, spend the extra money and use these guys, they do a terrific job. Worth every quarter."

Jason’s company A2Z and GraphicsZoo have one thing in common when it comes to offering quality, top-tier services:

They definitely know how to look out for the little guy.

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