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digiCoffee is a digital marketing agency based in Miami, FL. The firm has seven employees. It aims to help companies create a presence online through paid media ad placements on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Tapping into their expertise means that companies can generate more revenue

Their clients include small businesses in various sectors who want to grow their business through online advertising. through their marketing campaigns. This core expertise lies in Google Analytics and ad optimization.

The Challenges

A digital marketing agency like digiCoffee needs to provide their clients with advertising that potential customers can see. For this visibility to happen, business ad campaigns rely upon graphic designs that attract people to the business’s products and services. These designs need to be of good quality, and can prove to work in real-world conditions. For digiCoffee to achieve this goal, they need a partner who can deliver on the level of quality they need to satisfy their customers, and to deliver in the shortest amount of time for testing and tinkering to happen. This allows them to try out new campaigns and optimize their ad placement strategies to ensure both visibility and revenue growth. This means partnering with a graphics design agency to make this happen. digiCoffee found a partner in GraphicsZoo.

The Solution

Working with GraphicsZoo has helped digiCoffee, founder and owner Navri [?] Khan says. “GraphicsZoo creates consistent quality designs for our digital ad campaigns,” he explains. Given the importance of providing clients with timely feedback on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, GraphicsZoo enables digiCoffee to achieve that by tapping into their team of graphic designers to turn marketing ideas into viable campaigns. With the 24 to 48 hour turnaround time that the GraphicsZoo team is able to provide, digiCoffee can test ad campaigns with clients, make changes if needed, and optimize ad placements to achieve the best results.

The Results

digiCoffee has managed to save money by tapping into GraphicsZoo’s network of graphic design experts. This allows the agency to focus on their core competency: making their clients visible online. Khan is pleased with the results, and endorses what GraphicsZoo can do for anyone in the digital marketing space.

digiCoffee continues to serve small and medium enterprises across several industries by making their presence known on various social media and other web platforms. With GraphicsZoo at their side as a valued partner, they help small and medium businesses thrive by gaining new customers and, as a result, more revenue.

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