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G3G Athletic Training is a holistic basketball coaching program that offers coaching assistance to budding athletes. Being an entity that deals in sports activities and game improvement guidance, G3G has always been looking to create a relevant brand identity in the online space. They consulted and outsourced their graphic design services to several different freelancers and agencies.

However, the results weren’t satisfactory. They were looking for a reliable partner who not only would help them improve their brand profile online but, also help create visual graphics for their brand which aligns with their line of work. And, they finally found that partner in the form of GraphicsZoo. This case study details out how G3G’s search for a reliable graphic design service partner ended with GraphicsZoo and what inspired them to not look for anyone else.

The Challenges

G3G started with their graphic design requirements through outsourcing it to freelancers. The results were not at par with their expectations and it was turning out to be extremely time consuming as well. In the hopes of getting professional design services, G3G tried a few design service agencies as well but, the quality and creativity were underwhelming. So they did not stick for long with any of them. The brand, therefore, was facing two major challenges;

1. Professional-looking designs for their online footprints; especially, their social media pages.

2. A support system to take care of their design quality in order to have a consistent brand profile.

The Solution

GraphicsZoo started off with understanding G3G’s past approach with regards to their graphic designs and get a detailed input on what their expectations were.
After getting a clear understanding of what the main areas of concern were, GraphicsZoo offered a comprehensive design services plan to solve G3G’s situation. Under this plan, G3G got access to;

A dedicated designer

  • Unlimited designs and revisions
  • 5 Design brands (set pattern for specific clients)
  • 3 User accounts
  • File sharing options in different formats (.png, .jpeg, .svg, .psd)
  • Stock photo integration
  • A dedicated account manager to overlook the progress of their project.

G3G used design services by GraphicsZoo to solve several of their pain points; such as

  • Social media post designs.
  • Social media page designs.
  • Presentation designs.
  • Creating a brand profile.

The Results

Finally, after months of Air-Ball and Brick shots, G3G found a reliable partner in the form of GraphicsZoo to finally Dunk the ball in the basket.
The results were exemplary as per G3G, as they were highly impressed with the standard of the graphics created by the team at GraphicsZoo.
In the words of one of the co-founders, Devrinn Paul, “I have seen a tremendous impact and GraphicZoo is actually helping to build my online portfolio. I love social media posts and the presentations that you guys do for me. I give Graphic Zoo an overall score of 95%. I think they do an excellent job with the quality.”
With a comprehensive graphic design outsource plan offered by GraphicsZoo, G3G was able to streamline its brand image on all of their social media channels. They were able to establish themselves as a professional brand with well-designed images.

I recommend GraphicsZoo every chance I get! I want all coaches to be able to build a brand with GraphicsZoo. I see this relationship growing into I can partner up and bring some customers or add-in service somehow.

Said Devrinn of G3G Athletic Training.

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