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Reject the Regular is an idea turned into reality by two successful entrepreneurs who broke out from their regular life to make something big out of it. And now that they have done that, they are helping other budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals by helping them with motivational ideas. Now, as an online startup business, the owners of RTR (Reject the Regular) wanted to make a name for their brand by executing effective digital marketing.

And, that started with putting in place engaging designs; including logo design, social media page designs, social media post designs, etc. RTR was looking to make an impact from the word go and wanted to establish themselves as a professional brand rather than don’t-know-what-they-are-doing amateurs. GraphicsZoo helped them achieve their goals in a stipulated time interval.

The Challenge

RTR started with their graphic design requirements with self designing the logos and images for their brand. As a result of not being the experts in the field of designing, the outcome was even below satisfactory and was extremely time consuming. In the hopes of getting professional design services and cutting down their time spent on creating designs themselves, RTR decided to outsource their graphic design requirements. They tried a few unlimited design service agencies but, the quality and creativity was underwhelming. So they did not stay long with any of them.
The brand, therefore, was facing two major challenges;

1. Professional looking designs for their online brand.

2. A support system to take care of their design quality so that they can focus on other aspects of their business.

The Solution

It was expected that RTR would be a little on edge about the design quality they would get from GraphicsZoo after getting disappointed by other agencies. And that’s why they started off with just one project; logo design for RTR. GraphicsZoo offered a comprehensive design services plan to solve RTR’s current situation. Under this plan, RTR got access to;

  • A dedicated designer
  • Unlimited designs and revisions
  • 5 Design brands (set pattern for specific clients)
  • 3 User accounts
  • File sharing options in different formats (.png, .jpeg, .svg, .psd)
  • Stock photo integration
  • A dedicated account manager to overlook the progress of their project.
  • RTR used design services by GraphicsZoo to solve several of their pain points; such as
  • Brand logos
  • Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Facebook page covers.
  • Instagram carousels (the swipeable posts with multiple pages)

The Solution

The results were exemplary as per RTR, as they were highly impressed with the standard of the services provided by the team at GraphicsZoo. In the words of one of co-owners, “Our brand, Reject the Regular, saw a GraphicsZoo ad and thought it looked better than the other ‘unlimited design service’ companies out there. We gave it a try and were impressed with quality of one of our first projects, the Reject the Regular logo. Since then, we decided to stay with them instead of trying another service.” With a comprehensive graphic design business plan offered by GraphicsZoo, RTR was able to streamline their brand image on digital platforms and social media channels. They were able to establish themselves as a professional brand with quality designed logos and images.

Every response I get is friendly with “can do” attitude. The quality is the main reason I have stayed with GraphicsZoo. Many of the designs that they send back exceed my expectations. I get everything I ask for usually within a business day, sometimes even with revisions.

- RTR.

In fact, the owners of RTR were so impressed with the services and work of GraphicsZoo that they are not only referring our services to other small business owners but also reached out to become affiliate partners and spread the word about GraphicsZoo through podcast shows and more.

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