10 Examples of Impressive Rebranding Done Right by Companies

10 Examples of Impressive Rebranding Done Right by Companies

Rebranding is often seen as a mark of a brand’s failure to progress in the market. However, ask any industry expert and you’ll learn that rebranding is in fact a sign of progress of positive change. 

This change can include something as obvious as a new brand name or a logo design, or something more in-depth like a shift in communication or new company values. 

Here’s a definitive guide to rebranding and everything you need to know about it.

Of course, doing this successfully is no easy task. It requires a lot of thinking and strategizing to execute a successful rebranding process. And, when we see examples of successful rebranding it establishes a sense of confidence to go for the process without any fear. 

So, today, we have decided to bring you 10 great examples of impressive rebranding done right by companies that will give you that much-needed confidence to do it for your own brand as well (if and when required).

1. Coty

successful rebranding examples

Coty is one of the oldest and highly popular beauty brands in America. The company has run on the ideology of celebrating beauty through liberation. 

As part of its rebrand strategy, Coty used its vision and worked around giving it a visual representation. The sign of a butterfly was finally chosen to represent Coty products as the brand believed in its inspiration to symbolize the diversity of beauty in nature—and people.


The American Civil Liberty Union’s mission has always been to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. 

And, in order to represent their unified approach and vision, they decided to include a more enhanced color palette for their new logo design. 

They ditched their old blue branding and included a scheme of 14 different colors; including blue, red, white, etc.

3. Dunkin

The rebranding of Dunkin is a more recent one wherein the famous donut brand let go off the word ‘Donuts’ from their brand name.

Understanding the fact that their customers already recognize them as a donut supplier, and that they have added several other food items to their menu, the brand decided to come out as a more holistic deli.

4. Tupperware

Tupperware has been a leader in the food container segment for several decades and is a household name globally. However, with time it was becoming a challenge for them to stay relevant and updated with the latest trends. 

The company decided to create a more confident sign of expression for its users and embraced the tagline “Confidence becomes you”

This new mission positively resonated with the confidence they instill in those who sell and buy their products.


The rebranding story of LEGO is considered a landmark and the most extraordinary turnaround in corporate history. 

Once a famous toy company, LEGO started to lose its shine and hold in the market and was on the brim of shutting down. 

However, its management decided to revamp LEGO’s identity and public approach by associating the brand with the digital and entertainment world. 

Post-2003, they started adding movies and LEGO-themed entertainment venues to the franchise, which made LEGO a favorite brand name for children and parents alike.

6. DXC Technology

successful rebranding examples

Company mergers are one of the most common reasons for rebranding. DXC Technology is one such example of rebranding done right through mergers. 

The firm was created after the enterprise service segment of the computer networking giant HP collaborated with Computer Sciences Corporation. 

The biggest challenge faced by the brand was to establish trust in the clients and stakeholders by proving themselves in digital innovation. 

The firm ran with the mission strategy of helping clients succeed in the face of accelerated innovation by using the new tagline, “Thrive on Change” which brings their mission to life in a simple and active way.

7. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

CFF is a long-running healthcare foundation that helps patients with cystic fibrosis (a fatal disease) get funds for treatment.

The biggest challenge for the NGO was to connect directly with the donors and emphasis finding a sure shot cure for the disease.

CFF centered its rebranding plan on the mantra “Adding Tomorrows,” which reflects the life-saving work they support. As such, the rebrand focused on a vibrant palette, dynamic logo, and lively imagery to bring life to the brand. 

CFF launched the rebrand at their annual meeting to much praise and exuberance.

8. CVS Health

CVS Health was created after the unification of the company’s four major services under one umbrella. These services were;



-CVS/minute clinic and


The objective here was to establish a new identity for the firm with a health-first approach.

The rebranding strategy of CVS health included the development of an identity and brand story that would distinguish its role in shaping the future of health care for people, businesses, and communities. 

This led to the creation of the now-iconic CVS Health heart which is directly inspired by the organization’s purpose and understood across ages, geographies, and experiences.

9. Airbnb

The world’s leading online property rental service company is another very interesting example of impressive rebranding done right by companies. 

Launched in 2008, Airbnb established itself as an online marketplace for people to list their owned or rented properties. However, despite getting a global reach, the brand message was not so much clear to the users. 

This led to the company deciding to rebrand its core identity and position by replacing the old logo. 

The new icon “The Bélo” highlighted four principles — People, Places, Love, and Airbnb, blended into a single “A” shape.

For Airbnb, rebranding meant defining a clear brand that would be understandable, approachable, and attractive to its audience.

10. CH2M

CH2M is a well-known engineering firm in the US that had seen tremendous growth in its 2 decades of operations. 

The biggest challenge for the firm was to establish aunique brand identity and highlight its distinguished company values.  

CH2M decided to emphasize their main differentiator: their people and culture. And, their new logo was, then, designed keeping these differentiators in mind. 

The new logo exemplified humanity and expressiveness by using a carefully curated color palette.  Every piece of the design was selected to be functional while inspiring an emotional response.

To conclude…

Rebranding can be a challenging task if not done with the utmost attention and detail. And, that’s why it is important for businesses to let it be done by professional designers. 

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