10 Things You Are Not Doing Right With Your Website Design

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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"It's not a mistake to make a mistake, but it is a mistake to repeat the mistake."

Designing a website can be trickier than one may expect. Even with several web design templates available by domain hosting services – which is mostly used by freelancers – it is essential to understand the importance of designing a website in a manner that it not only looks good but also helps maximize the conversion rate.

With close to 2 billion (1.74 billion to be precise) websites present on the wide world web, it is imperative for every small or large business to work strategically on their web design ideas.

So, in order to help you with your website design, we have listed out 10 important factors that usually go unnoticed but create a big impact in demoting your website traffic, user experience, and sales generation.

If you think your business is not booming in the manner you had expected, even after creating a large website, here are 10 things you may not be doing right with your website designing; and need to correct immediately.

Unclear messaging

Website designs have come a long way in over a decade. However, there are a few mistakes which are so minuscule – yet impactful – that companies tend to miss out on them. Having a non-targeted and vague content on your webpage is one such grave mistake.

website design mistakes

Remember that a user arrives on your website to find a solution or an answer to their problems. But if they don’t find that solution in the least possible time they are simply going to bounce back and visit some other website.

Ensure that every page – or at least the homepage – of your website clearly states what your company does.


According to a report by Statista.com, roughly 48% of internet users browse websites on their mobile phones. This goes to show that designing a mobile-friendly website is very important.

website design mistakes

Understand that having a responsive website makes it accessible to a larger audience as it no longer matters what device is used for browsing. Whether a user is browsing your website from a mobile, tablet, or a desktop, they are going to see your page with the right visual dimensions.

Page load speed

website design mistakes

Try to remember any instance that may have happened with you at a restaurant where the waiter took longer than expected time to bring your order, while you’ve been dying with hunger and it felt like ages before you could eat.

Ring any bells!?

How did it feel at that moment? Not so pleasant, correct?

You must have, definitely, thought of just getting up and moving to a nearby street food-cart to have a bite asap.

Well, that’s precisely what happens with a user who’s urgently looking for your services but your webpage is taking years to load.

If it takes more than 4 seconds for any web page to load completely, it’s too slow; period!

Font size and style

When a user arrives on your website, they need information that is easy to read and understand. An unclear font increases cognitive load and decreases understanding.

While working on your website design, ask your designer to comply with the basic font elements and styling rules. Check the spacing between letters (Kerning), words (tracking), and lines (leading) to ensure crisp and clear readability of your content.

website design mistakes

Also, try not to use too many font types (typeface).

Clarity is incredibly important because you can’t persuade visitors until they understand you.

Too many links

The main objective of creating a webpage is to provide a platform for your target audience to read about you and your services.

Now, if you provide links to other pages at several occasions throughout your content, you are simply giving your audience an opportunity to leave your website.

website design mistakes

This is, also, a pain for mobile users as too many open browsers make it difficult for the user to compile the information they want.

Social media icons in the header

Placing social media icons in the header gives customers another opportunity to leave your site. 

website design mistakes

While it is not as harmful, it certainly deflects their attention from the information you had created for them to read on your website. Once a user deflects to social media from your website, there’s no coming back.

That’s why having social media icons in the footer (bottom of your page) is highly recommended. 

Using menu bar for desktops

From a user's point of view, they like to see the information that is easily navigable. Finding something should not be a challenge for the users.

website design mistakes

With a mobile interface, it is understood that there is a space constraint, so the use of a menu bar is justified. However, for your desktop, it's better not to hide your information under the menu bar.

By hiding them you’re losing opportunities to get your user further down your experience funnel.

Not using H1/H2 titles

One of the key elements of website design is the use of headings. After all, if the headline is interesting it improves the chances of a user to go ahead and read the full content.

website design mistakes

Using proper headings through your web page design helps your user to easily navigate through the content and choose the one which interests them the most. Also, it ensures that they remain engaged on your website and do not bounce back.

Additionally, in terms of search engine optimization, using proper H1/H2 titles help Google bots to crawl and rank your website when searched for particular keywords.

Missing contact information

website design mistakes

The end goal of creating a website is to convert a visitor into a buyer, and for that, you need to provide them with the information to contact you.

A survey says that 64% of the visitors on a website want to see the company’s contact information, and 44% of the visitors will leave a website if there’s no contact information or phone number available

Not providing adequate and correct contact t information to your website visitors is a grave design mistake and must be avoided at any cost. 

Not https: secured

website design mistakes

Legitimacy is another game-changer for a great website design. Not having a secure website is like waving a red flag for both search engine bots and cautious website visitors. 


To conclude...

So, these were 10 of the most important and critical website design mistakes which you should be aware of. And, now that you have read them, you now realize that these were certain things you knew, but never paid attention to.

And while these mistakes may come across as simple and common, they play a huge role in defining your marketing and sales funnel.

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