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10 Traits Of An Effective Signage Design That Can Help Your Business

10 Traits Of An Effective Signage Design That Can Help Your Business

Business signage is a key tool for local establishments to attract customers. As people drive by your business, an effective and well-placed store sign quickly conveys what your business is about. A store sign normally has your business name as well as a logo, tagline, or list of common products you offer.

You can use signs for such a wide array of purposes from advertising to conveying safety information. However, no matter how you use these products, certain features are almost universal among all the types.

These are the crucial aspects that signage needs to make it a success. You can arrange these in a variety of ways to suit your sign’s specific purpose.

Today, in this article, we’ll discuss 10 such traits of an effective signage design that can help your business flourish and create a strong identity for itself. 


Several studies and surveys have proved the fact that clarity in reading the signage, i.e. legibility, is arguably the most important characteristic.  It’s pointless to create a sign that people can’t read, especially at a distance. 


Consumers have also claimed that high-quality signs made a greater impact on them. Business signage has to be viewed as an investment. Don’t try to cut corners by purchasing the cheapest sign possible. Invest in a custom metal sign that can stick with your business for a long time.


One of the highly underestimated and often overlooked traits of signage is its aesthetic appeal. You should ensure that the sign should have some amount of intrigue. The design should cause pedestrians and motorists in the busy downtown area to stop and take notice.  


Illuminating the signboard is considered to be a great way to create attraction. Interestingly, it’s not the external illumination but, the internal illumination that makes the signage more acceptable to the audience. 

Internal illumination gives a sign of an iridescent glow that is unmatchable with external lighting. The glow helps the words of the sign stand out better and minimizes any glare.



Matching the ambiance of the neighborhood is another very important trait to have for a successful signage design. When designing your own signage you must pay attention to the theme and try as best as possible to incorporate it into your design. Your aim should always be to maintain the integrity of the community, not go against it.



Along with the neighborhood theme, the signage design of your business should also compliment the theme of your business as well as the kind of architecture of your store. For instance, if your storefront has a sleek and modern design, use a sleek and modern sign.



What this simply means is, let's say you run a business along a busy downtown street then, you have the distinct advantage of using both parallel and projected signs. Using multiple signage approaches helps your business stand out. The trick is to use the strategies that complement each other well.



One critical use of images in advertising is to create an emotional appeal. This is key if you are trying to persuade an audience to take a particular action. Photographs often work best in this regard.

Graphics not only make a sign more interesting to look at but can also make it more memorable. All of this can help you to achieve your specific goals.

Big or small, graphics are still an essential element of signs. It’s no wonder that most signs, whatever their goal, feature graphics of some kind or other.



Another very critical trait of an effective signage design is some form of branding.


People usually won’t have time to read your entire sign. So it’s better to play smart and make sure that the significant parts, like who your company is, are noticeable.

Here are ways you can incorporate branding on a sign:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Colors
  • Motto

The board doesn’t have to be covered with features of your brand, but it should be noticeable.

Trait: COLOR

Few things in the world can have such a powerful effect on our minds as color can. It can be challenging to imagine signs without them. Even if you make your signage black and white, it is still an important feature to consider.

Color is a brilliant way to catch people’s attention. Bright and bold shades can help you make sure your sign stands out from its environment.


To conclude…

So, these were some of the critical traits of an effective signage design that you can use to help your business succeed. If you are not sure how to go about implementing these traits to the best of their use, we can help. 

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