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12 Unbelievable Myths About Graphic Design Debunked

It was in the early 20th century – 1922 to be precise – when the famous typographer, illustrator and, book designer William A. Dwiggins coined the term “Graphic Design” to identify this emerging field.

Today, nearly a century later, graphic design has evolved into one of the most prominent factors that determine the success of a business in marketing and branding.

However, despite being into existence for such a long time, there are several myths about graphic design that still do the rounds in the industry.

The applications of graphic designs changed enormously over so many years and have evolved systems to comply with the changing technology and user behavior. And, yet, these graphic design myths pretty much exist that only tarnish the reputation of a refined work of art.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at 12 of the most common and unbelievable myths about graphic design that need to be debunked right away.

It’s all just about creating a logo design

myths about graphic design

Yes! Logo designing is one of the prominent sections of the professional graphic designing process. However, graphic design is NOT just about creating a logo design. 

A logo is the face of any brand with which the target audience can relate. So, it is definitely important to ensure that it is done by a professional graphic designer. But, to consider logo designing as the only thing that graphic design is all about is a big mistake and a myth that needs to be get rid of.

It is only for printing or offline mediums

One couldn’t be more wrong than thinking that graphic design can only apply to print mediums. With the world getting digitalized, almost completely, in the last decade or so, the application of graphic design is, in fact, more in use on digital platforms than print mediums. 

Website designs, Social media designs, video designs, email designs, etc. are some of the several examples that can clearly debunk this myth about graphic design.  

It’s only to make things look pretty

myths about graphic design

Well! Aesthetics is definitely one of the main pillars of graphic design. However, that’s not an objective for which graphic design is used by businesses. 

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to communicate a certain message and tell the brand story. And, in order to do that successfully, the designs need to have a clear structure. 

The beauty of a design is, in fact, a supporting pillar that helps get the attention of potential customers.

Graphic design has to be trendy

Keeping up with the latest trends is a part of successful branding for a business. But, that certainly does not define professional graphic designing

In fact, plainly following the latest trends to create custom graphic designs for your business will only constrain your brand within a timeline and, would restrict the longevity of your company. 

It may, also, make your business a victim of similarity in designs with your competitors and will thwart your brand’s individual identity.

You don’t need to set a budget for it

myths about graphic design

This is one of the most misleading myths about graphic design. 

Graphic designing, today, has become a prominent part of effective branding and marketing for any business; big or small. 

And, only skilled designers understand the nuances and importance of using properly designed graphics. 

The visual elements, today, play a key role in establishing a name for a brand and determining the success of a company on the digital platform as well as offline. 

And, that is why it is important toset a graphic design budget for your business.

You have to be born creative to be a graphic designer

Amongst all the myths about graphic designing, there are a few which are downright amusing. 

This is one of those graphic design myths. 

Yes! There’s no doubt about the fact that some designers have a knack for creativity and are born artists. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a natural-born creative to make effective designs or build acareer in graphic designing

Like anything, graphic design is a skill that can be taught and learned. 

Check out this article to find a comprehensivelist of free graphic design certifications and courses that you can take online and start your career in this field.

Graphic designers know everything

myths about graphic design

Yeah! Right! Like, they can totally read minds. 

This graphic design myth buster is especially for the clients who think that just because one is a designer, they’d know everything and won’t need any inputs or clarification. 

What needs to be understood is that for a design project to be successful there has to be utmost clarity incommunication between the designer and the client.

It is important, as a customer, that you clearly express your vision and expectations for the collaboration. Providing an in-depth brief and communication from both sides will ensure that the same vision is shared for the concept.

Along with these serious myths about graphic design, there are some graphic design myths that are simply hilarious but, need to be busted as well. These include (but not limited to); 

- Graphic design is EASY.

- Graphic design makes you RICH. FAST!

- EDITING and fixing designs is a piece of cake.

- Designing can only be done on a COMPUTER.

- Anyone with Photoshop – or any design – software can be a DESIGNER.

To conclude…

So, these were some of the most common myths about graphic design that exist in the industry and need to be busted at all costs. While some of them may sound funny, all these myths can have serious implications if not been put away. 

As a responsible and experienced graphic design outsourcing agency, GraphicsZoo understands the importance of professional graphic designs. If you too have been living as a victim of these myths so far, we hope you know the reality now and will act on your graphic design projects accordingly. 

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