20 Non-Profit Logos to Get Design Inspiration From

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A non-profit organization is unlike any other corporate entity, as its main agenda revolves around rectifying a particular issue sustaining in our society. Such organizations work for social causes irrespective of the global boundaries, ethnicities, race, religion, age, occupation, or social status.

When you see such non-profit logos anywhere online, or offline, you immediately recognize them. That’s the impact a logo design creates.

And, that’s why it is equally important for a not for profit organization(or maybe even more than any regular corporate entity) to create custom logo designs that would resonate with its cause.

So, if you are running, or planning to start, your own non-profit association – whether on a local or a global level – you need to get your logo design in place to get the audiences’ attention.

Today, we are going to share with you 20 of the most innovative and unique logo design ideas that were adopted by NGOs across the globe to design their own non-profit logos. These NGOs, today, have global recognition and people can identify the association simply by looking at these NGO logo designs.

Take these logo design examples as an inspiration to create your own non-profit logo design.

Let’s get started then!


design inspiration for non-profit logos



Voices of Youth

Free the Slaves

design inspiration for non-profit logos

Feeding America


One Drop

Amnesty International

design inspiration for non-profit logos

                                                     American Wild Horse Campaign

International Rescue Committee

design inspiration for non-profit logos

                                                                  The Humane Society of The United States

American Heart Association

                                                                       Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

design inspiration for non-profit logos

The Water Trust

                                                                             Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Doctors of the World

design inspiration for non-profit logos

                Peace Corps



design inspiration for non-profit logos

Now, that you have gone through these non-profit logos, let’s understand how you can create an effective yet unique logo design for your own organization. Here are some helpful logo design tips for non-profits.

Mirror your mission

This goes without saying. Your non-profit logo design must reflect your core objectives; vision, mission, goal, etc.

Jotting down your organization’s mission will help you pick out some key elements that can be used in the form of graphics and icons for the logo design.

Think of a tagline

A tagline (or brand line) is the gist of your organization’s vision. Of course, it is not compulsory to use a tagline with the logo but, it could definitely help send a clear message about your organization’s goal.

Focus on the color choices

The color is one of the main elements of graphic design and holds a lot of importance in how your designs are perceived by the audience. This applies to all kinds of graphic designs; including the logo design. 

Every color represents a certain human emotion and has psychological effects that impact decision making. Therefore, as a non-profit organization, you need to be very cautious in picking the right color shades for your logo design

Typeface is crucial

The typography in graphic design is another crucial element that needs to be focused on. It becomes all the more important if your logo design is a wordmark type or lettermark type. 

Serif and Sans-serif fonts are two of the most common typefaces used for logo designs. Serif fonts reflect class, elegance, and formal design, while sans-serif is more modern, friendly, and minimal in approach. 

Additionally, you can go ahead and choose your own custom typeface to be more unique and distinctive in your non-profit logos. 

Consider human sentiments

As a not-for-profit organization, it is imperative for your brand to evoke and arise the required emotions that would help your target audience to connect with your cause. A well-designed logo can help to do that. 

Non-profit logos, certainly, need to communicate the brand’s message. However, they also need to ensure that the audience understands and feels what you want them to feel.

Keep it simple

It may come across as a surprise but, it’s the simplest of the designs which creates a huge impact on the overall consumer behavior. 

In the attempt to create innovative and attractive logo designs designers, often, end up creating complex logos that do not convey the brand message clearly.

History has proved that it is simple logo designs that turn out to be the memorable ones. Apple Inc, IBM, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Taco Bell, and many such big brands have very simple yet memorable logos. 

Hire a professional designer

And, lastly – but, equally important – is to hire a professional designer or a design agency to get your logos designed. 

Creating a logo design may seem like an easy task but, honestly, it requires professional knowledge to ensure a perfect logo design that follows all the basic principles of graphic design. 

An experienced designer would know how to utilize all these tips discussed above and the necessary design elements to create unique non-profit logos.

To conclude…

Effective non-profit logos are those which the audience can immediately relate with, have a recall value, and are simple to understand. We hope these 20 logo designs examples for non-profit organization helped you get some clarity and a starting point to create your own logo design. 

If you still need professional help in creating a unique logo for your NGO, all you have to do is simply write to us at support@graphicszoo.com