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23 Color Palette Ideas To Inspire Your Next Graphic Design Project

23 Color Palette Ideas To Inspire Your Next Graphic Design Project

Generally, it is known that every single color gives off its own mood and feeling. This is the basis of color psychology, which is observed by almost all graphic designers.

This is because our brains associate colors with specific objects and scenarios. These associations make our brains react, causing us to feel some sort of emotion just by looking at a certain color.

Take red, for example. When we see the color red, we think of objects that possess that color, like roses, and we also associate that same color with our emotions, like love, passion, and anger.

When two or more colors are combined together, our brain combines different object and scenario associations as well. For instance, if we add yellow to red, the combination can be interpreted as the color of fire or the feeling of warmth.

This is why every designer puts in a lot of thought when it comes to picking colors for their graphic design projects. It’s their responsibility to communicate the right message to people through visual cues, and one way to do that is through the proper use of colors.

In this article, we’ll give you different color palette ideas to hopefully inspire you when you’re starting your own graphic design projects.


1. Autumn Leaves

color palette ideas

Reminiscent of the colors of fallen leaves, this color palette of greens and oranges depicts the seasonal colors of autumn. Autumn Leaves’s warm and earthy tones can set a naturally calming mood to your designs.


2. Sweet Tooth

These pastel tones of pinks and greens were actually inspired by the colors of peppermint lollipops. This color palette evokes just the right amount of sweetness and innocence, making it appropriate to use in designs made for children.


3. Neon

This vibrant color palette entirely made up of neon colors is nothing short of attention-grabbing. This Neon color palette is ideal if you want to add that extra zap of energy to your designs, making them look more alive and electric.


4. Turning Pink

color palette ideas

This color palette is a duotone combination of peachy pink and fuchsia. This makes Turning Pink perfect for designs targeted for women and brands that specialize in feminine products.


5. American Sailor

color palette ideas

This color palette uses a fresher and slightly muted take on the American colors red, white, and blue with an added slightly naval theme to it. American Sailor is a gender-neutral color palette that can work well for diverse types of designs.


6. Cotton Candy

This color palette uses a pastel take on the primary colors to make it more light and youthful. Cotton Candy perfectly captures the essence of youth and adolescence that makes it suitable to use for teenage audiences.


7. Green Marsh

The light and dark tones of green in this color palette make it pretty somber and calming to look at at the same time. Green Marsh gives off a mysterious vibe that can be used for designs intended for more mature audiences.


8. Prep School

By using different shades of blue and brown, this color palette exudes class without looking too old. Prep School’s colors make for elegant and timeless designs that would look great in more formal contexts.


9. Bauhaus

This color palette does a softer and playful take on the 3 primary colors. Bauhaus is based on the contemporary graphic design scene of the early 1900s, making it fitting for artistic design projects.


10. Pastel Cake

color palette ideas

Pastel Cake’s colors give an air of equality and inclusivity that would go well for advocacy brands.


11. Afternoon

Warm and cozy colors make up this entire color palette. The 'Afternoon’s' comforting (and slightly appetizing) characteristics can be used for brands that deal with food, like restaurants for example.


12. Femme Fatale

This color palette’s usage of feminine and mysterious colors makes Femme Fatale give off a particularly sultry quality that could be incorporated to beauty brands. 


13. Summer Breeze

Light, bright, and refreshing. This Summer Breeze color palette is great for brands that deal with healthy products or refreshing beverages.


14. Lavender Garden

Its eccentric mix of colors makes Lavender Garden stand out, even with its apparent weirdness and understatedness. Natural and organic brands could consider using this color palette for their product designs. 


15. Evergreen Forest

Evergreen Forest is as earthy and grounded as it gets. Brands with natural products or environmental advocacies could benefit from using this color palette.


16. Dirty Ice Cream

Dirty Ice Cream’s slightly dull pastel colors make it a color palette that exudes innocent playfulness, perfect for design projects intended for children. 


17. Winter Wonderland

color palette ideas

This color palette’s use of light and dark tones of blue could represent coldness or friendliness, depending on its context. This makes it suitable for neutral or formal brands from the business industry.


18. Campfire
color palette ideas

Campfire is a color palette that is made for graphic design projects that exude passion and intensity.


19. Tropical Beach

This palette uses colors that could probably remind you of the sea, sand, and palm trees. Health-related industries like medicine, agriculture, and many more could make use of this color palette.


20. Purple Sunset

color palette ideas

Purple Sunset is definitely a color palette with a flair for the dramatic. The colors in this palette are specifically picked to help your design projects convey deep emotions such as nostalgia and melancholy.


21. Coffee and Cream

This neutral color palette can be used for any type of design; from wood, leather, antique, coffee, or skincare related brands and graphic design projects.


22. Bibliophile

This color palette was particularly made to depict the things you could see inside a library, like book pages and wooden shelves. This makes Bibliophile perfect for books, print publications, and any type of academic design.


23. Italian Summer

color palette ideas

Lastly, Italian Summer reminds you of summertime in the Italian Riviera in the ‘80s. This particularly memory triggering color palette appeals to the more mature social elite, making it suitable for luxury brands.


To conclude...

So those are a few color palettes you could use as inspiration for your future graphic design projects. Its proper use and finding the right combinations are just some of the graphic design tips you could learn about colors to help you improve as a graphic designer.

Don’t know where to begin? Our graphic designers at Graphics Zoo are well versed in color psychology, associations, and combinations and they are more than ready to help you enhance your graphic design projects. Just send us an email at