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25 Pro Tips To Create A Winning Graphic Design Portfolio

25 Pro Tips To Create A Winning Graphic Design Portfolio

 “The nature of a portfolio is that it is always a WORK IN PROGRESS.”

Graphic designing is emerging as one of the hottest professions lately. There is a surge in demand for freelance designers as well as professional graphic designers as in-house resources. With companies taking the majority of their business online, hiring a graphic designer has become a mandatory process for most of the industries.

If you are a budding designer yourself or looking to make a successful career in graphic design, the first thing that you need to do is create a good graphic design portfolio.

Now, most of you aspiring graphic designers reading this article may already know the importance of building a design portfolio. However, with such fierce competition in this field, it is important to create a graphic design portfolio that stands out from the rest and grabs your prospective clients’ attention.

So, today, we give you 25 pro tips to create not just any but, a winning graphic design portfolio that should help you make a successful career in this field.

1.    Be clear with the purpose of creating your portfolio.

2.       Curate your work strategically. Your focus should be on quality and not quantity.

3.Show versatility in your portfolio.

4.       Create a properly designed website for your graphic design portfolio.

5.       Make sure your portfolio website is responsive.

6.       Select the right kind of platform to showcase your work.

7.       Aim to create your work as a brand.

8.       Knit a story around each of your design project.

9.       List the case studies for your graphic design work.

10.Communicate effectively rather than beating around the bush with your portfolio work.

11.   Give your portfolio a personality that the visitors can relate to.

12.   Add a thorough resume that can be downloaded.

13.Never miss out on adding your contact details.

14.   Don’t make it difficult for a viewer to find your best work. Ease of accessibility is the key.

15.Maintain a blog page for your graphic design portfolio.

16.   Try and get authentic reviews from not just your customers but those who may have worked with you as partners.

17.   Execute the proper promotion of your design portfolio website.

18.   Do regular updates on your portfolio website. It must look fresh and neat every time.

19.Highlight your best design work and the kind you want to do more.

20.It doesn’t just have to be client work.

21.   Explain the process you followed for some of your best design works.

22.Think of a fresh format to apply in your design portfolio website.

23.   Get your portfolio vetted by industry experts to get professional feedback.

24.Highlight the reason you chose to take up a particular design project.

25.Focus on making your portfolio searchable on different search engines. Work on SEO.

So, there you have it!

These were some of the tips, which if you follow diligently, can help you create a winning graphic design portfolio and get you to kick start your career on a high note.

If you have any additional questions regarding creating a design portfolio, do ask in the comment box below and we’ll have our expert designers answer those questions for you.

All the best and keep designing!