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27 Instagram Statistics That Shows Why Professional Design is Important for Your Business Account

27 Instagram Statistics That Shows Why Professional Design is Important for Your Business Account

It is not a hidden fact that Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms today; which is used by several brands to connect with their existing audience and convert new ones too. 

If you are one such brand that’s thinking of expanding your audience outreach by creating an Instagram business account, you need professional support for your designs. 


Well, that’s precisely what we are here to explain through 27 astounding Instagram statistics that will show why you need a professional design to make your Instagram business profile successful.

1.Instagram gets traffic of over 1 billion users every month; making it the second in the line of the top social networks in terms of active monthly users. (Facebook, of course, is the first).

2.US accounts for nearly 140 million users on Instagram; that’s nearly 14% of the total number of Instagram users, which is a pretty substantial number.

3.The like button is hit an average of 4.2 billion times per day; which shows the level of engagement possibility by the users and the need for well-designed images.

4.While the gender mix on Instagram is evenly matched globally (51% females and 49% males), in US the number inclines more towards female users (43% females).

5.On average, an Instagram user spends 30 minutes per day on the platform; shows the window every business profile has to attract a user.

6.Around 81% of Instagram users use the platform to search for products and services of their interest.

7.200 million Instagram users visit at least 1 business profile every day.

8.130 million Instagram users click on a shopping ad or post every month.

9.And to top that, approximately 11% of social media users in the US alone shop on Instagram.

10.Close to 2 out of 3 users between the ages of 18-29 are on Instagram.

11.Adding to this, roughly 72% of the teenagers in the US are using Instagram actively.

12.It is interesting to note that Instagram images get 23% more engagement on average than their Facebook counterparts. All the more reasons to focus on your business profile designs.

13.In addition to this, it has been noticed that brands see a 10x higher engagement on Instagram than what they get on Facebook.

14.Video posts on Instagram are seen to get around 40% more engagement than image posts.

15.Around 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day; which proves that you need to focus on your design dimensions.

16.Working on your Instagram stories is also important since it has been seen that 50% of users have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in stories.

17.Additionally, almost 1/3rd of the “most viewed stories” on Instagram come from business profiles.

18.90% of Instagram users are known to be following some business profile.

19.Instagram is a highly beneficial platform for fashion brands since roughly 55% of fashion customers have made a purchase directly from the business profile post on Instagram.

20.60% of users get to know and learn about new products of their interest through Instagram.

21.66% of visits to an Instagram business profile come from non-followers.

22.89% of digital marketing professionals consider Instagram as the most crucial social media platform, especially, for influencer marketing.

23.And, that makes it pretty clear as to why a lot of these marketers in the US spend about 70% of their influencer budget on Instagram alone.

24.Image posts that had a healthy use of texture have seen a higher engagement (80% more likes) than those with low texture.

25.Images that have substantial use of whitespace get 29% more likes than the images with less or no whitespace at all.

26.In contrast to texture, images with lower saturation get 18% more likes than high saturated images.

27.Blue color is considered to be a more likable hue in graphic design and that shows on Instagram engagement rate as well with images getting 24% more likes that have blue as the dominant color.


To conclude…

These Instagram statistics are a clear testament to the importance of professional graphic design for your business account. 

A lot goes behind creating a successful Instagram business profile and being such an influential social media platform, brands, especially small businesses, and startups need to ensure that they are making the best of it. 

To understand more on how we can help create targeted designs for your Instagram business profile, get in touch at