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32 Eye-Catching Wine Label Designs For Inspiration

32 Eye-Catching Wine Label Designs For Inspiration

One of the most underrated elements of print marketing is the label design; used for product packaging. 

Be it for a bottle of any kind of drink or a packet of your favorite snack. Label designing is as important as any other aspect of print marketing. 

One such product line for which label design is extremely important is wine. And that’s precisely what we’ll be talking about today in this blog. 

This article is targeted to provide all you wine owners a sneak peek into some of the most inspirational wine label designs and how you can go about creating a unique label design for your own wine brand. 

It’s simple. Just think what you want to deliver in the bottle and sum up the whole with gorgeous wine label designs. 

Given the amount of competition in the wine market currently, it’s the label design that can help owners to distinguish their brand from the others in the market. 

GraphicsZoo has worked with a number of winery owners to create compelling and attractive wine label designs that helped them attract a new audience. 

And, so, we share with you 32 of those eye-catching wine label designs that you can use as inspiration for your next label design. 

wine label design examples




wine label design examples







wine label design examples










To conclude…

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