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32 Most Effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Tips for 2021

32 Most Effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Tips for 2021

The restaurant business has always been a competitive one. And it takes effective marketing ideas for restaurants to find success (apart from, of course, good food!).  

Now, with the new normal setting in post COVID shutdown, it has become all the more critical and tricky for restaurant business owners to market their brand and its services. 

Good taste and ambiance will not be enough anymore. There are several additional assurances that such business owners need to provide to their consumers to attract them into their restaurants. 

restaurant marketing ideas

This is, especially, crucial and tough for small or new restaurant owners, since they are yet to establish a brand authority for themselves. 

A consumer may trust an already established restaurant or a café, such as McDonald’s or Burger King. But for them to trust a newly opened Deli or restaurant in the neighborhood will take a lot of effort.

The good news is, it’s not impossible. 

With a strategic marketing plan and professionally designed business graphics, even small or new restaurant owners can elevate their brand. 

And, today, we are going to share with you 32 such effective restaurant marketing ideas and tips that will come really handy in 2021.

1. Create a professionally designed website.

2. Make your website design mobile-friendly.

3. Add a live chat feature to your website UI/UX design to make it more engaging.

4. Work on your menu design to make it user-friendly.

5. Make your flyer designs attractive and readable.

6. Work on the food packaging design to create a unique brand identity.

7. Create professionally designed business cards to hand out to your partners.

8. Start a blog page or reach out to influential food bloggers/reviewers.

9. Always keep your restaurant’s online information updated.

10. Interact and engage on social media with regular posts and updates.

11. Take instagrammable photos of your food.

12. Add reservation links to Google Business.

13. Provide several different online booking options through third-party websites.

14. Work on your website’s SEO to make it more searchable.

15. Apply email marketing that actually works by sending out targeted emails to your potential and existing customers.

16. Focus on loyalty programs.

17. Use geo-targeted ads.

18. Use retargeting ads to reach out to potential customers.

19. Use WhatsApp and SMS marketing to create brand awareness.

20. Be a regular on Yelp.

21. Highlight the work and efficiency of your staff.

restaurant marketing ideas

22. Use PR effectively to establish a strong and positive brand identity.

23. Make partners with local delivery services.

24. Launch offers and discounts regularly, and do their campaigning effectively.

25. Use food trucks to reach a wider geographic audience.

26. Offer delivery services as well.

27. Run social media paid campaigns for the target audience.

28. Use only high-quality and original images on social media.

29. Incentivize online reviews to encourage more consumers.

30. Be alert and responsive to every kind of online review to establish brand trust.

31. Use customized videos to engage the audience.

32. Look for ways to keep upgrading and updating your restaurant.

To conclude…

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