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5 Common Signage Mistakes to Avoid – Graphic Design Tips

5 Common Signage Mistakes to Avoid – Graphic Design Tips

Marketing and advertising play a major role in transforming a business into a brand. And, while digital marketing is certainly the most adopted form of advertising by businesses across different industries, nowadays, traditional marketing still holds immense importance.

One such form of successful traditional marketing is advertising through outdoor signage.

Now, outdoor signages are the face of your brand that interacts with your target audience. And, that is why it becomes imperative for brands to ensure the signages are flawless.

So, if you are planning to up your outdoor marketing efforts and add signage boards to your branding strategy, here are 5 common signage mistakes that you should definitely avoid committing.

Clarity in design

signage design tips

One of the very first things you need to take care of while creating your signage design is the overall clarity of the design. Remember that while the design is getting created on a 25-30 inches screen, the final output will be placed on a much larger area.

So, make sure you are using the recommended graphic design elements to create your designs. To begin with, you shall make sure that;

      - the font style and size are readable,

      - the spacing between the words, letters, and lines are appropriate.

      - the font colors are in contrast to that of the background color; the color of the signage.

      - you are not using too much text in the design.

      - the graphics used in the design are of high pixel quality.

A very good and recommended practice, especially for billboards and signage designs, is to use vector images for your designs. This helps in resizing the designs without them getting pixelated.

Visual blocks

signage design tips

One of the most common signage mistakes that businesses commit is with the placement. The placement of your signage is a very important aspect of successful outdoor marketing. And therefore, it is crucial that you do a thorough check of the surrounding area where you are planning to put up your signage.

Putting up outdoor signage is a long term investment, so you may have to account for all such possibilities that could obstruct the view of your ad, such as plants that could grow after a few seasons, plans for construction, heavy vehicles that could potentially park in front of your sign, etc.

Improper installation

signage design tips

Installation of signage is one of the most vulnerable steps in the entire process which can account for a mistake (or mistakes) to happen.

There are a lot of parameters that you need to take into account while installing your signage. Here are a few of them;

      - You need to consider the weather conditions.

      - You need to check if it requires a night light; and that it is set at a proper angle.

      - You need to see if any letter is missing.

      - You need to ensure no holes are drilled through the copy of the graphics.

If the installation of your signage is not proper, it won’t hold profitable for your marketing efforts.

Using the wrong material

signage design tips

Nothing spoils a brilliant design more than printing it on unsuitable materials. It’s, therefore, always a good practice to seek advice from a professional digital printer.

A professional printer can help you ascertain two main things;

      - Which materials will be safe and durable

      - Which materials will look smart and professional

So, make sure you are choosing your print material wisely. Our team of design experts can help you with selecting the right print format and material for your signage.

Security negligence

signage design tips

Now, this may sound dispensable but, neglecting security issues is one of the most common signage mistakes that businesses commit.

The cost you may have to bear for maintaining and correcting the signage can become substantial when you consider threats such as graffiti and theft; especially if you plan on displaying your sign for a long time.

There are types of laminates that can be used on your signage to make cleaning off graffiti easier.

To conclude…

GraphicsZoo is highly experienced in creating outdoor signage designs and can certainly help you avoid any such common signage mistakes. Contact our team at today!