5 Simple Steps to Create Amazing Product Label Designs

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A product label design is more important than it is considered to be. Not only does a good label design helps the product, and the company, to distinguish from the competition but, also helps in attracting more customers.

Just like we get well dressed for a public gathering or occasion with an intention to get noticed by the people around, similarly, in order to get your potential customers to notice your product, it needs to be dressed up well.

Now, your product may be one of the most affordable in the market and highly useful in a lot of ways but, unless people take notice, it will remain untouched on the shelf of a supermarket.

There are no set rules to follow when creating product labels and you have many choices in the layout, size, shape, colors, etc. However, adhering to certain guidelines can certainly lead to a well-designed product label and, ultimately, more sales.

So, today we’ll discuss a quick 5-steps method of creating amazing product label designs and provide tips that you can use during the process.

Research the target audience

product label design

The very first step for any marketing plan is to conduct thorough research and understand everything, there is to, about the audience you are targeting. Creating a design for a product label isn’t any different.

You need to outline the overall purchase journey of your target audience, understand demographics, and segment them as per the purchasing authority.

Along with researching the audience, another helpful and recommended thing to do is a quick research on the competition as well.  Not only will this help you in avoiding making a label design which is similar to any of your existing competitors but, also gives you a good idea about the kind of design that attracts the audience.

Define the information flow

product label design

This is a very crucial step which many don’t really pay attention to.

There are a few specific elements that demand prominence on the label such as, the name of the product, the brand logo, the brand tagline, etc. Along with this, there are few other essential information that cannot be avoided and need to be printed on the label such as, the barcode, price, and nutritional information.

So, it becomes important that you decide what you want your customers to read first and make that information the focus point on the label.

For example, if the main highlight of your product is its low price or a secret ingredient, do not hesitate to make it the highlight of your label.

Check the print material

product label design

The designing part for the product label is executed on a 25-inch computer screen but, the final output is printed on a tangible material. It is, therefore very important to understand the kind of material which has been decided to be used for the labeling of the product.

As a designer, you need to understand from your client the kind of print material they’d be using for the label printing. The size, the type, and whether it is an opaque or transparent material that will be used for printing the label design are some of the few important things which should be known.

Choosing the right font type and style

product label design

Now that you are aware of the target audience, focus information, and the print material, it will be a lot easier to decide the right typography for your label design.

Of course, it is easy to get convinced in using fancy font styles or the ones that are trending currently for the label design but, it is important to stick to a choice that reflects the personality of the brand.

For example, if your product is a bottle of hot chili sauce, try using a font style that amps up the spicy element of your product.

Also, the font must be selected keeping in mind the readability of the text on the label. Using a stylish font type – such as the Brush Script or Freestyle Script – just for the beauty of it may not be useful if the customers can’t even read the message you want to convey.

Pick the right color(s)

product label design

Similar to choosing the font, picking the right kind of color scheme for a product label design is important and crucial.

It is a known fact that different colors represent different human emotions. So, knowing your target audience and the type of product you are selling should help a lot in deciding the color scheme you want to apply for your product label.

One can even make smart use of the white space of the design to ensure clear messaging and apt coloring of the product label.

White space is the area of a design that has not been used by the designer for images, text or other illustrations. It helps separate the chunks of different information so that customers can read the details easily and, also used to create visual distinction.

It should, however, be remembered that your color scheme should go well with your brand colors otherwise it could adversely affect your advertising goals.

To conclude…

The product label designs are the real-time representation of your brand which plays a key role in deciding whether your brand becomes a household name or not. It is, therefore, important to have a professional designer working on the label design in order to have every design element in place.

If you are looking to get your product label designed, our team of expert designers can help you with it. Simply get in touch with us with your requirements at support@graphicszoo.com