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50 Delicious Food Fonts to Make Your Customers Hungry

Whether you are into a restaurant business, a café owner, or runs a local deli, you’d very well know for the fact that well-designed graphics and visuals are very important.

And typography is one of the essential elements in professional graphic design.

Normally, when we talk about food font ideas, we think of fonts used for menu design. However, in order to establish a unique and consistent brand identity, the type of font style used for your food business must be from the same throughout.

Whether it is for your menu design, packaging design, website design, flyer design, brochure design, business card design, or any other marketing collateral for your food business, the typeface holds a lot of importance.

So, if you’ve been wondering which typeface would fit the bill for your food business, we are sharing with you 50 different and fresh food fonts to choose from.

Note: It is always recommended not to use more than 3 different font styles for your marketing designs.

1. Barbariska Rough2 Regular & Oblique

food font examples

This rough-looking font type can go well on your food packaging or brochures.

2. Jonesy

Give your food menu a touch of vintage by using this peppy food font type.

3. The Simply Sweet Font Duo

If you run a confectionary, this font type would work wonderfully for your food designs.

4. Jelligun Hand-lettered Font

This font type for restaurants and other food businesses can make your designs look cheerful.

5. Butcher and Block

This one’s a pretty versatile typeface that can be used for various marketing designs such as, logos, print, etc.

6. Clarkson Script

Another very useful font type for bakeries and confectionaries.

7. Mela Pro

Use this bold and bright food font to ignite craving.

8. Wacca

Wacca font style is a great choice if your menu is all about organic food items.

9. Culinary

The name is self-explanatory for this font type.

10.   Mi Cocina All Family

This is an entire font family that includes several different food and kitchen elements and is one of the highly recommended food fonts.

11. Yummy Font Family

A simple font family designed to mix the old with the new for a truly delightful outcome.

12. Cuciniere Font

This is one of those fonts that give a reflection of hand-made font style. A good option for your food brand to stand out from the rest.

13. Bujole

Yet another vintage-style food font type to give your brand a stylish look.

14. French Fries

You should get a clear idea about the exuberance of this font type just by the name of it. Anyone would want to simply gorge up your menu after reading this font.

15. Fondue

Inspired by the lettering used by the Mexican cartoonist Ernesto “El Chango” Cabral, this font is a great choice for your Mexican cuisine outlet.

16. Sumac Typeface

This typeface is a natural taste enhancer for your food business.

17. Pitter

This pretty font has been carefully handcrafted to make sure each text looks beautiful.

18. Brocha Family

Whether it is for your social media pages or print media, this font type is great for your headlines or important announcements.

19. Porker Font

20. Ovsyanka


21. La Fa Salt


22. Rosefield


23. Something Fresh


24. Le Gourmet


25. Magenta Latte


26. Macaron Handcrafted


27. Vanilla Frosting


28. Flow Handscript


29. Takeaway


30. Rigatoni

This is one of the most recommended font types for menu design as it brings a sense of freshness to the overall design.

31. Giaza Pro

This stylish and elegant font style is suitable for luxury restaurant logos and menu designs. 

32.   Timberline

This is another handwriting style font type that is good for food joints that serves snacks and quick bites; such as a burger joint or pizza café.

33. Thirsty Soft

As the name suggests, this is one of those food fonts which immediately provides a sense of a chilled-out place to hang out for a quick snack with a cool drink.

34.   Dealers

One of the last places a food business designer would think of for font designs is the bill. ‘Dealers’ is one font type that can make even your food bill look outstanding.

35. Didot

Originally designed in 1783 then revived by Linotype in 1992, Didot is elegant and chic with wonderfully delicate lines, making it sit well with complex dishes created with an eye for detail.

36. Baskerville

Baskerville is considered to be one of the most classic and sophisticated font types and is the best fit for a fine dine or cocktail menu. If yours is a casual diner, you can try out this food font for your designs.

37. Plantin


38. Open Sans


39.   Helvetica


40.   Lavenda

Lavenda comes from the script font family with elegant curves portraying class and sophistication. A great choice for fine dines.

41. Cafe Françoise

Cafe Françoise is exactly as it sounds, perfect for a cafe. It has an edgy appearance, with an urban twist. 

42.   Molluca

Another elegant food font style that can go well for bakeries or coffee shops.

43.   Chambord

Chambord belongs to the Serif font family and provides a more international vibe to the design; a great choice for restaurants that come to life at night.

44.   Trench

This font type reflects the current digital age with its techie appearance. It is well suited for modern cafes and to attract Gen-Xs.

45.   Malaga

Malaga works well for Spanish or Mexican restaurant fonts due to its embodiment of unique visual character as well as the cultural heritage that inspired its designer, Xavier Dupré.

46.   Zhi Mang Xing

If you run a Chinese cuisine outlet, then this contemporary font is the best choice for your brand’s marketing. Created by Wei Zhimang, Zhi Mang Xing is a font that is based on the creator’s own handwritten calligraphy style.

47.   Sedgwick Ave

One word. Pizza!

48. La Belle Aurore

This font takes its inspiration from the Criterion classic film Casablanca, which depicts a melancholy tale of romance. And, as the name suggests, it is a great fit for an Italian food setup.

49. Ubuntu

As the name suggests, the Ubuntu font is part of the larger Ubuntu operating system project. Created with the intention of being easily legible, this font brings with it a unique personality that can enhance your menu

50. Bello

Another great font type to reflect the true Italian essence. This font brings the charisma that Italian restaurant fonts need to make a customer hungry for more.

To conclude…

Ah! Can you smell it? It’s the smell of fresh food fonts for your restaurant’s fresh cooked food.

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