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6 Important Principles of UI Design to Keep in Mind

6 Important Principles of UI Design to Keep in Mind

User Interface, or UI in short, is usually connected with terms such as beauty, simplicity, attraction, clarity, etc. and is associated with website design.

Working on the UI design for a business website is highly critical since it plays a key role in creating an impression about your brand on the visitors and helps them decide whether to stick to your website or move on.

How your website’s design appears to the audience is just one of the many aspects of a successful UI design.

And, so, today, we’ll tell you 6 highly important principles of UI design to keep in mind in order for your business website to be successful.  

Never EVER compromise with clarity

principles of UI design

The main objective of creating a business website design is to inform your potential customers about your products and services. And, for that, you need the messaging to be clear and comprehensible. 

To call your UI design effective it should solve the purpose of making people understand 

  • What it is?
  • Why they would use it?
  • What the interface is helping them interact with?
  • What will happen when they use it?
  • Where they are on the page?
  • What all they can do?
  • What just happened


Clarity inspires confidence and willingness to continue interacting with the interface. 

Many clear screens are better than one messy one. Period!

Interaction is the key objective

principles of UI design

This is one of the most crucial principles of UI design that should be followed by every business. 

This is important largely due to the fact that the main objective of a UI design is to create an interface that can help your brand to interact with your audience with ease. 

Interfaces perform specific tasks, and their effectiveness is measurable. However, they may go beyond practical applications. The best interfaces are those that surprise, inspire, awaken feelings, and strengthen the experience in interaction with the world.


Keep strong visual hierarchy

principles of UI design

Maintaining visual hierarchy is an important part of each kind of graphic design, and UI design is no different. 

As a professional graphic designer, one needs to ensure a clear viewing order to the visual elements on the screen in order to achieve a strong visual hierarchy.

One of the common design mistakes that inexperienced designers make is trying to highlight everything on a single screen. And, instead of leading customers to take the desired action, they overwhelm them with the flood of information.

That is why hierarchy is an internal part of a successful UI.

Weak visual hierarchies give little clue about where to rest one's gaze and end up feeling cluttered and confusing.

Most people don't notice visual hierarchy but it is one of the easiest ways to strengthen (or weaken) a design.

As a part of the principles of UI design, a proper visual hierarchy will allow users to quickly find the point of focus and understand what your brand is trying to convey with the help of visual means.

Keep the design flexible

principles of UI design

A website is accessed from several different devices. It could be a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet. So, it is essential that your UI design is flexible enough to adapt and respond to every kind of environment. 

Now, in order tocreate a responsive design you can stick the following methods:

  • Rely on traditional design solutions that work well in different situations such as simple responsive layouts with fewer things stuffed in corners.
  • Use solid and clear typography such as black on white, large, readable, etc.
  • Think through all the possible content situations such as no content, little content, ugly content, weird content.
  • Keep into account all the devices, backgrounds, lightings, and resolutions.
  • Consider the implications and flaws that can happen during the development process.

Follow consistency

One of the important principles of UI design to keep in mind is consistency. 

Consistent UI design allows users to apply the existing knowledge to new tasks, master new aspects faster, and focus on solving the problem, rather than waste time understanding the differences in the use of certain controls, commands, etc.

For example, when someone or something behaves consistently with our expectations we feel like we have a good relationship with it.

This established the fact that when you create UI design using similar elements throughout the design to maintain consistency it creates a sense of trust and understanding between your brand and the consumers accessing your website.

In practice, this means that someone should be able to predict how an interface element will behave merely by looking at it. If it looks like a button it should act as a button. Don't get cute with the basics of interaction…keep your creativity for higher-order concerns.

Ensure audience attention at all costs

As discussed earlier in this blog, a good UI design will always be associated with attractiveness. 

Did you know that several studies have proved that the average human attention span is of up to 8 seconds?

This goes to show how challenging it can be to ensure that your website audience remains engaged and attracted, and does not lose attention to details.

But, even with the attraction part of a UI design, it is important to understand that what might seem attractive to one group of users might be repulsive to another group.

That is why a successful user interface should be based on thorough research.

Additionally, in order to maintain attention from your readers avoid littering your webpage with distractible material.

Let’s say if someone is reading a blog on your website then let them finish reading or at least spend a considerable amount of time on your site before showing that advertisement.

When you give preference to your customers’ ease of attention it will not only make your readers happier but, also your website analytics will get better.

To conclude…

So these were 6 highly critical principles of UI design that every business owner and a graphic designer must keep in mind. If you are looking for professional support with your UI design projects, just send us an email at support@graphicszoo.com and one of our design advisors will be there to help you out.