6 Key Differences Between Graphic Design and Illustration

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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When you talk about graphic design and illustration design, for a layman, both these terms mean the same. Interestingly, there are stark differences between the two that professional graphic designers know well.

While, both, graphic design and illustration belong to the same field of work (creativity), their applications, as well as implications, are pretty different.

Graphic design is more about commercial artwork and illustration is more on the lines of fine artwork And, this is just one of the several differences between the two types of design fields. And, today, we will help you get some clarity over the two.

The infographic shown below lists some of the main differences between graphic design and illustration. Have a look and decide for yourself which one would be more compatible with your business requirements.

difference between graphic design and illustration


We hope this infographic was able to explain to you the key differences between graphic design and illustration. You can, now, decide what kind of design services you need for your business and hire a professional or an agency accordingly. Remember that both these fields tend to overlap often in terms of skills. There are graphic designers available who acquire illustration skills, while there are illustrators available with knowledge about graphic design elements.

At GraphicsZoo, we have a team of highly skilled professionals with qualities of handling both these forms of art, graphic, and illustration design. Simply share your design requirements with us at support@graphicszoo.com and let the experts do it for you.